125+ Best Easy Crazy Hair Day Ideas For School

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Here is a large collection of easy crazy hair day ideas for a variety of different fun school events during spirit week. 

With hairstyles for girls, boys and even teachers we’re sure you’ll find wacky hair day ideas perfect for your crazy hair day event.

razy hair day ideas for kids

Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Kids

Are you looking for some crazy hair day inspiration for an upcoming wacky hair day at school or camp?

We’ve collected over 125 fun crazy hair day ideas that are perfect for spirit days, red ribbon week, fundraisers and a variety of special holiday events where a crazy hairstyle is part of the fun.

We know all too well that kids love showing off crazy hair styles on spirit days. Meanwhile, parents left in a panic trying to find a wacky style that they can put together on a busy morning when they just don’t have much time.

So, we put together a whole post full of awesome ideas for crazy hair day that are perfect for building school spirit. We’ve collected wacky hairdo ideas for girls, boys and even teachers. There are plenty of easy crazy hair ideas to choose from. 

Crazy Hair Day Ideas By Category

Crazy hair day ideas for kids

Since there are so many different themes of wacky hair day ideas we went ahead and divided the crazy hair day ideas into a variety of categories.

So, we’re pretty confident you’ll be able to find a wacky hairdo for a spirit day during any time of year.

We’ve included pictures for loads of crazy hair day inspiration and lots of these ideas include links to the original source with step-by-step instructions.

From simple hairstyles that come together really quick to more complicated hairdo’s that require some planning. We’re confident you’ll be able to find the perfect wacky look for your upcoming crazy hair day event.  

To make this post easier to navigate we grouped the different crazy hair day ideas into themes including:

  • Crazy hair day ideas for girls
  • Crazy hair day ideas for boys
  • Crazy hair day ideas for short hair
  • Food and drink themed crazy hair day ideas
  • Animal inspired crazy hair day ideas
  • Halloween crazy hair day ideas
  • Christmas crazy hair day ideas
  • Valentine’s Day crazy hair day ideas
  • St Patrick’s Day crazy hair day ideas
  • Easter crazy hair day ideas
  • Last minute wacky hair day ideas
  • Crazy hair day ideas for teachers

Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls

From unicorn hairstyles to space buns and even a little Mermaid hairstyle – these are some of our favorite Crazy hair day ideas that are a great choice for wacky hair day activities of all kinds.  

crazy hair day ideas for kids

1. This adorable Rainbow hairdo is a cute idea that comes together quick.  All you need to do is make two buns and then create clouds with cotton balls and make a rainbow from pipe cleaners. (From Pinterest)

crazy hair day ideas for kids

2.  We promise that this unicorn hairstyle is easier to create than you think. Use colored hair spray, a foam cone and bobby pins to create the magical look of this tall cone hairstyle. (From Pinterest)

3.  A French braid, green hair spray and an Ariel doll create this fun little mermaid hairstyle in your child’s hair. (From Pinterest)

4.  A fun idea for a little girl on wacky hair day. Use hair gel to pull your daughter’s hair tightly into a bun then push Barbie’s legs through and voila! (From Pinterest)

5.  A high ponytail and hair ties in a variety of colors create this easy hairstyle for wacky hair day. (From Pinterest)

6. These cute space buns look really cool and are pretty easy to create. Using glitter spray and sparkles is a fun way to make this wacky hairstyle pop. (From The Trend Spotter)

7. This fun look is perfect for girls who love Polly Pocket. Secure Polly with some rubber elastics to create this wacky hairstyle. (From Babes In Hairland)

crazy hair day ideas for kids

8. Rainbow Dash My Little Pony inspired hair is so bright and colorful and perfect for any wacky hair day. (From Bored Panda)

crazy hair day ideas for kids

9.  You’ll need longer hair to create this punk inspired mohawk crazy hairdo for your little girl. Colorful rubber bands really make this style stand out.  (From Google)

10. Make a messy bun and fish some colorful pipe cleaners through to make this adorable crazy hair on your child’s head. (From Blue Skies Ahead)

11. Isn’t this bun hawk for long hair awesome? This is a great choice for little girls who want to show off their wild side. (From Cute Girls Hairstyles)

12. This floating balloon style is one of those totally cool ideas that are sure to impress on wacky hair day. Brightly colored helium balloons are attached to braids to create this fun look. (From Pop Sugar)

13. Transform a high pony tail into the body of an octopus to create this impressive wacky hair day idea. Use googly eyes to really make your creation come to life. (From Imgur)

14. Self adhesive ribbons from the dollar store and bright pink hair chalk create this neat crazy hair day style for girls. (From Pinterest)

crazy hair day ideas for kids

15. If your daughter loves the Minions then how about placing two on top of her head? What a fun and creative crazy hair day idea. (From Mummyfique)

16. How cute is this basketball net hair? Use a rubber basketball or make your own using styrofoam balls. (From Pinterest)

Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Boys

We know that finding creative wacky hair day ideas for boys can be challenging. So, we wanted to share some of our favorite crazy hair ideas for boys with you. From a Star Wars theme to LEGO hair these wacky hair day ideas are always a hit.

crazy hair day ideas for kids

17. If your son is a Star Wars fan then he’s going to love this neat style with Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi battling on top. (From Lou Lou Girls)

crazy hair day ideas for kids

18. Create a head full of bugs using hair gel, green hair spray and a variety of critters including plastic spiders and worms. (From Flickr)

19. Transform your little guy into a surfer dude with this really fun idea for crazy hair day. (From Pop Sugar)

20. Use different color hair wax to create a creepy crawly lizard. (From Bored Panda)

21. Loads of self adhesive googly eyes make this one of the easiest crazy hair day ideas for boys on our list. (From unknown source)|

22. Use blue hair spray and styrofoam balls to create this fun cookie monster style for wacky hair day. (From Pinterest)

23. Create your favourite character from Minecraft on the back of your head using some colored hair spray or hair chalk. (From Pinterest)

crazy hair day ideas for kids

24. This easy crazy hair day style uses colored hair chalk, twigs and a couple marshmallows to create campfire hair. (From unknown source)

25. Hot glue glue LEGO to a duck bill hair clip to create some wild LEGO hair for crazy hair day. (From Homemade Heather)

26. This cute Mario Kart inspired hairdo is a great last minute option for little boys. (From Bored Panda)

27. Simple and easy this wacky hairdo is a great choice if you are strapped for time. (From Panda Gossips)

28. A great choice for boys or girls with short hair who love Pokeman. Use some hair chalk or spray to create the vibrant color before attaching Pokeman toys. (From Pinterest)

29. We just love this wacky do for boys who love trucks. Use pom pom to fill your dump truck up with a load of dirt. (From Unknown)

crazy hair day ideas for kids

30. Use a hair band to create this frightening shark attack wacky hair style. Hot glue a rubber shark head to a plain hair band to achieve this look. (From Pinterest)

Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Short Hair

Looking for crazy hair day ideas for shorter hair? Here are our favorite short hairstyles that are really fun for wacky hair day. From rainbow hairstyles to fun paper plate cupcakes there are still plenty of crazy hair day ideas for kids with shorter hair.

crazy hair day ideas for kids

31. You can create a bright and colorful rainbow hairstyle on hair of any length. Using hair chalk in bright and vibrant colors is a quick way to achieve this fun look. (From Hannah & The Twiglets)

32. “I’m loving it” for kids with short hair. Glue an empty happy meal box to a plastic headband and voila you’ve got yourself a wacky hair idea that’s sure to impress. (From Cafe Mom)

33. Love this spooky eyeball for kids with short hair. Use a headband and some other hair accessories like clips to fix it all in place. (From Instagram)

34. This teapot idea is so much fun. It would work well for a little girl or boy with chin length hair if you use a high pony to pull it together. (From Wonder Face Painting

35. Such a fun idea for girls or boys with short hair. This ode to the beloved hazelnut chocolate is such a unique idea for wacky hair day. (From I Hate CSO)

36. This butterfly garden inspired wacky hair will take some planning including getting your hands on some green hair spray, artificial flowers and butterflies. (From Knsaunde)

crazy hair ideas for short hair

37. Use yellow and green hair chalk or colored hair spray to create this fun pineapple. Use a construction paper stencil to get the lines just right. (From Bored Panda)

38. Fouuuuuuur! This fun golf inspired crazy hair day idea is really quite simple to create. Tease your child’s hair, spray it green and then use a headband to hold up the golf ball and tee. (From Pinterest)

39. We love Dr. Seuss so we had to add this Cat in The Hat inspired crazy hair idea to our list. (From Pinterest)

40. A fun choice for kids with shorter hair this wax crayon perm idea is such a unique idea for crazy hair day at school. (From Pinterest)

41. The grass is long! This super creative wacky hair do is the perfect choice if your child needs a haircut anyway. Buzz some of the hair off leaving a longer patch that looks like long grass. (From Pinterest)

42. Create the solar system using Styrofoam balls and some paint. Hot glue each planet to a hair clip and fasten to the hair. So simple and fun! (From Pinterest)

crazy hair day ideas for kids with short hair styles

43. Head under the sea with this wacky hair style. Foam sea creatures and blue hair spray are all you need to create this neat idea. (From Pinterest)

44. This adorable cotton candy hair do for crazy hair day would work well for girls with short hair. Glue your cotton candy cone to a headband and fix it in place with hair clips. (From Pinterest)

45. Use tons of hairclips in a variety of colors and sizes to create this crazy hair idea. (From Pinterest)

46. Use good quality firm hold hair gel to create a Mohawk in this crazy hair day idea of a Wiener dog. (From Pinterest)

47. Make this fun wacky hair do using the following craft supplies: hair clips, hot glue, pipe cleaners, pom poms and googly eyes. (From Pinterest)

48. Turn your little boy or girl’s hair into a birthday cake using a handful of rubber elastics and birthday candles. (From The Trend Spotter)

crazy hair day ideas for kids

49. If your boy has enough hair to work with this wacky hairstyle comes together using pieces of a green pipe cleaner, gel and googly eyes.  A solid choice if you want a quick and easy crazy hair day idea. (From Engineered Mamma)

50. If you love a little challenge you may want to attempt to create this lobster head hair style for wacky hair day. So fun! (From The York Family Eight

Crazy Hair Day Ideas With Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are always a fun theme for crazy hair day ideas. Here are a bunch of our favorite food and drink themed hair styles for wacky hair day. From cupcake buns to more complicated ramen noodle bowls these wacky hair day creations are really quite impressive.

crazy hair day ideas for kids about food

51. This cupcake hair is so simple and adorable. Pull the hair back into two buns using a cupcake liner. Top with a couple of brightly colored pom poms to create cupcakes. (From Pinterest)

52. How cute is this Fruit Loop cereal idea for crazy hair day? (From The Trend Spotter)

53. Share the rainbow with this neat crazy hair idea that involves Skittles candy. An adorable idea perfect for wacky hair day. (From Shareably)

54. A fairly straightforward crazy hair day idea, you can decorate your donut bun with colorful sprinkles. (From Make It Love It)

55. Who doesn’t LOVE a good old bowl of spaghetti and meatballs? This cute idea is simple to put together if you’re looking for a wacky hair day that’s quick and easy. (From Pinterest)

56. How cute is this noodle soup idea? Add ribbons and chopsticks to make this crazy hair idea even more fun. (From Yen)

food crazy hair day ideas for kids

57. The parents that came up with this neat wacky hair day idea deserve a round of applause. So cute and easy! (From Delish)

58. Using pom poms to make the Smarties in this crazy hair idea is genius! (From Pinterest)

59. Celebrate the 100th day of school with this clever wacky hair day birthday cake! (From Pinterest)

60. This mac n cheese bowl is such a creative idea. We just had to add it to our list of crazy hair day ideas for kids (From Pinterest)

61. We just love how silly this popcorn hair band looks. Such a fun idea for wacky hair day. (From Pinterest)

62. Create two small buns and spray them red to create red cherries. Use green pipe cleaners to make the stems and voila! (From DIY Inspired)

cute crazy hair day ideas for kids about food

63. A big old bowl of froyo is such a unique crazy hair day idea. Save your bowl the next time you have some frozen yogurt and recreate this wacky hair day idea for your kiddo. (From DIY Inspired)

64. This is such a creative and easy way to transform hair into a watermelon. This is one of our favorite crazy hair ideas for kids. (From The Trend Spotter)

65. Sushi anyone? This cute idea will definitely make your little one’s crazy hair stand out! (From Pinterest)

66. A Chic Fil A Box! What a clever and unique wacky hair day idea. (From Pinterest)

67. We first saw this one on TikTok – make a side bun using a donut bun maker to create this fun Dunkin Donuts snack. (From unknown source)

68. This idea is just so berry cute! So, we had to add it to our list of crazy hair day ideas for kids. (From Pinterest)

crazy hair day ideas for kids

69. If you look really close you’ll notice all the fun sprinkles on the upside down ice cream cone. So sweet. (From Pinterest)

food themed wacky hair day ideas

70. A hair bun sits in the place of a meat patty in this clever DIY hamburger hair. Such a fun idea for wacky hair day. (From Hair To Dream)

71. Vegetable garden hair? Sure, why not! (From Bee In Our Bonet)

72. A ramen bowl? The creativity here is absolutely genius! (From Unknown source)

73. Love this simple donut idea for crazy hair day. This is a really great choice if you want something really cute with very little fuss. (From Doodle Craft Blog)

74. Grab some of your child’s plastic play food to create this clever healthy hair idea. (From unknown source)

75. Soda bottle hair is always a fun choice if your child has really long hair. Pull the hair through the bottle and out the top to make it look like it’s pouring out. (From Pinterest)

Animal Themed Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Animal themed crazy hair day ideas are always loads of fun for wacky hair days. From bee hives to bird nests these animal themed crazy hair ideas are so much fun to create and wear.

Animal wacky hair day ideas

76. Create a bee hive by weaving yellow yarn into a high bun. Make your own bumble bees and attach them to your hive using pipe cleaners to create this fun idea. (Idea from Pop Sugar)

77. These braided cat ears are so adorable. Although simple, they make a great statement for wacky hair day. (from Cute Girls Hairstyles)

crazy hair day ideas for kids on Halloween

78. This simple elephant crazy hair day idea is so cute and easy to make. Use some felt and some of your kids school supplies like markers, scissors and glue to make this cute style. (Idea from Google)

79. How cute is this dog hair style? A bun is transformed into an adorable pup with a felt tongue, some googly eyes and furry ears. (Idea from Smart Girls DIY)

Animal theme crazy hair day ideas for kids

80. Why stick to one animal when you can have the whole zoo? This over the top animal themed crazy hair day idea is sure to make a statement. (Idea from unknown source)

81. This little girl’s hair is literally a birds nest! So clever! (Idea from Mums Lounge)

82. If a simple style is what you’re after then this fun black cat wacky hairdo might be a perfect choice. (Idea from Bored Panda)

83. A fun Nemo themed crazy hair day idea that’s cute for kiddos with shorter styles. (Idea from Lettuce Craft)

84. How neat is this Medusa hair braid? Weave in some rubber snakes to make this look extra spooky. (Idea from Pretty Hair Is Fun)

​85. If you love flamingos then this adorable crazy hair day idea would be a neat choice. Use pink hair wax to make this style pop. (Idea from unknown source)

Halloween Crazy Hair Day Ideas 

We love Halloween and Halloween themed crazy hair day events. So, if you’ve got a Halloween themed wacky hair day coming up you’re gonna love these fun crazy hair day ideas for kids.

Halloween crazy hair ideas for kids

86. Make this silly spider bun using googly eyes and black pipe cleaners for a Halloween themed wacky hair day. (Idea from Simple As That Blog)

Halloween themed crazy hair day ideas for boys and girls

87. This Spider’s web hairstyle is a great choice for boys if you’re looking for a spooky hairdo for wacky hair day. (Idea from Sweet Sugar Blossoms)

88. These neat spider braids are easy enough to do. Dutch or French braid the hair and tuck plastic spiders in to create this Halloween look. (Idea from Hairstyles Weekly)

89. Boo buns are adorable and so simple to make. Create high pig tail buns and then use a rubber bad to fasten a napkin in place. Draw on a spooky face and voila! (Idea from unknown source)

90. Who knew that mummy hair was so easy to do? This is one of those crazy hair day ideas that looks really complicated but is in fact super easy to create. (Idea from Princess Piggies)

91. Another simple Halloween crazy hair day idea for the win! Make a bun with witch fingers sticking out. (Idea from Babes in Hairland)

92. Orange and green hair spray and a felt jack-o-lantern face is all you need to create this fun Halloween wacky hair idea for boys. (Idea from Pinterest)

Christmas Crazy Hair Day Ideas 

Make a holiday themed wacky hair day or Christmas party more fun with these festive crazy hair day ideas for kids. From an elaborate Christmas tree head to a Grinch inspired hairstyle for boys these crazy hair day ideas are so much fun for kids around Christmastime.

Christmas themed wacky hair day ideas

93. How awesome is this Christmas tree head? Get some cheap Christmas decor like tinsel and mini-ornaments from the dollar store to keep this one thrifty. (Idea from Paint The Moon)

Christmas themed crazy hair day ideas

94. Everyone loves Rudolph! Create a large bun on the back of the head and accessorize with antlers and a bright red nose. (Idea from unknown source)

95. If you want an adorable no frills wacky hair day idea then this simple holiday hair might be just the right fit. (Idea from One Creative Mommy)

96. An adorable peppermint candy is another one of our favorite quick and easy crazy hair day ideas for Christmas. (Idea from Pinterest)

97. A great quick and easy idea for boys on crazy hair day during the holidays. Some green hair spray and pom pom transforms a medium length hair cut into a festive Christmas tree. (Idea from TikTok)

98. No list of holiday crazy hair day ideas would be complete without a Grinch themed hairdo! (Idea from Pinterest)

99. Even kids with the shortest hair can take part in Christmas fun. Use festive colors like green and red hairspray for this holiday themed wacky hair day idea. (Idea from Pinterest

Valentine’s Day Crazy Hair Day Ideas 

Whether your child is attending a Valentine’s day dance or party these crazy hair day ideas for Valentine’s Day are a great source of inspiration to come up with something wacky and wild on February 14th.

Crazy hair day ideas for boys on Valentine's day

100. Love love love how cute this crazy hair idea looks. All you need is a heart outline and some red or pink hair spray. (Idea from Pinterest)

Crazy hair day ideas for Valentine's day

101. Conversation hearts + hot glue + bobby pins and you’ve got yourself a sweet hairdo for Valentine’s day. (Idea from Babes in Hairland)

102. Molded heart braids are an easy and fun Valentine’s day wacky hair do you can do at the last minute. Add some colorful clipins for even more pop. (Idea from Pinterest)

103. This sweet Valentine’s hairstyle for is simple and easy to make. Use pink or red ribbon to make it extra festive. (Idea from Pinterest)

104. Use a heart stencil to create heart shaped felt pieces to make a headband. Such a cute and fun idea for Valentine’s day. (Idea from Hairstyles For Little Girl Hair)

105. These crazy hair hearts made with wire are simple and easy to make. Such a neat idea for February 14th. (Idea from Pinterest)

106. If wacky and wild is what you’re after then this colorful crazy hair day idea might just be the perfect choice. (Idea from Pinterest)

St. Patrick’s Day Crazy Hair Day Ideas 

Perfect for celebrating St Patrick’s Day events of all kinds – these crazy hair day ideas are always a fun choice around St. Paddy’s day.

Crazy hair day ideas for St. Patrick's day

107. This pot of gold inspired hairstyle is perfect for all sorts of St. Patrick’s day events. From classroom parties to the local parade this is such a fun style. (Idea from unknown source)

108. Bright ribbons create the perfect rainbow braids in this fun wacky hairdo for St. Patrick’s day. (Idea from Ireland Before You Die)

109. If you’re a good braider show off your skills with this creative shamrock braid. So cool! (Idea from Google)

110. Don’t let boys miss out on the fun, use a shamrock outline to create this fun wacky hairstyle using green hair spray. (Idea from Pinterest)

111. Leprechaun hair is such a cute idea for a crazy hair day! (Idea from Pinterest)

112. A quick and easy shamrock braid is both cute and easy to do. So, we knew we had to add this one to our list of amazing crazy hair day ideas for St. Paddy’s day. (Idea from Pinterest)

crazy hair day ideas for St. Patrick's day

113. Transform a classic bun into a leprechaun with a carboard tube hat, googly eyes and a green bow. (Idea from Pinterest)

Easter Crazy Hair Day Ideas 

Celebrate an Easter themed wacky hair day with these crazy hair day ideas. From Easter bunny buns to braided bunny ears and Easter basket hairdo’s -we’ve got a whole bunch of crazy hair day inspiration for Easter.

Wacky hair day ideas for Easter

114. A simple bun transforms into an adorable Easter with felt ears, a pom pom nose and whiskers. (Idea from Glitzy Braids)

crazy hair day ideas for Easter

115. How cute are these Easter egg pigtails? Such a fun idea! (Idea from Princess Piggies)

116. This fun little Easter basket wacky hairdo comes complete with candies and other goodies. What a creative idea for Easter themed wacky hair! (Idea from Marvy Mds)

117. How about creating a weaved Easter basket for crazy hair day? (Idea from Blogspot)

118. This Easter basket wacky hair style is epic! It even comes with its own set of plastic Easter eggs. (Idea from TikTok)

119. We just can’t get enough of these Easter basket crazy hair day ideas! This one is just so darling. (Idea from unknown source)

120. These braided bunny ears are so sweet! Finish off this wacky look with a fuzzy cotton tail to make it even cuter. (Idea from Pinterest)

Last Minute Wacky Hair Day Ideas

We understand that mornings can get busy and that it’s hard to find the time to create many of these time consuming crazy hair day ideas. Whether you’re crunched for time, forgot completely or just want something quick and easy these last minute crazy hair day ideas are always a great choice. 

last minute crazy hair day ideas for kids

121. You can’t go wrong with this Lalaloopsy hairstyle. Create two messy buns and use colorful curled pipe cleaners to get this fun look.  (Idea from Arsty Fartsy Mama)

122. This one’s fast, easy and fabulous. Tease tease tease to create BIG hair that’s sure to turn heads. (Idea from Bow Sweet)

123. A simple ponytail creates a mustache man in this 5-minute crazy hair day idea. (Idea from Pop Sugar)

124. Clothespins and string make this creative last-minute wacky hairstyle quick and easy. (Idea from Trend Spotter)

125. Make a tinfoil hat to create this adorable Hershey Kiss. There’s no easier way to whip up a last minute wacky hair day style. (Idea from Tip Junkie)

126. Stick on a couple of googly eyes and draw a mouth to create this wacky hair day monster in under 5 minutes. (Idea from Bellatory)

last minute wacky hair ideas for kids

127. Keep things simple and fun with this colorful wacky hair day idea. Add even more colorful hair ties to really make this one pop. (Idea from Love Hairstyles)

Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Teachers

Teachers shouldn’t miss out on the fun of wacky hair day activities at school. Here are some clever crazy hair day ideas that are so much fun, we know they’ll wow your students.

crazy hair day ideas for teachers

128. Pop some school supplies into your hair to create this wacky hairstyle for crazy hair day. (Idea from The Unique Classroom)

teacher ideas for wacky hair day

129. Want to impress a bunch of elementary and middle schoolers? Show up with a giant Christmas tree on your head for wacky hair day! (Idea from Texas Size Hull)

130. Make a crown using waxed crayons because you’re the Queen of your classroom. (Idea from TikTok)

131. The bigger the hair the bigger the reaction am I right? (Idea from Teaching Haley)

132. Create a pipe cleaner rainbow using different colors. This fun idea is quick and easy to create even if you’re in a rush in the morning. (Idea from TikTok)

133. Pom poms really draw attention to the elevated ponytail in this clever crazy hair day idea for teachers. (Idea from A2AC)

134. Sneak some literacy into your wacky hair style by attaching letters to your hair. (idea from Pinterest)

easy crazy hair day ideas for teachers

135. Teachers are known to love their coffee. They love it so much that there’s coffee pouring off their head! (idea from Pinterest)

136. We had to add this over the top idea to our list of crazy hair day ideas for teachers. So epic! (idea from Pinterest)

easy crazy hair day ideas for teachers

137. Love over the top one of a kind crazy hair day ideas? Then, check out this insanely creative traffic light hairdo. (idea from Pinterest)

138. Rapunzel hair! Totally awesome isn’t it? Read your students the book for even more fun. (idea from Pinterest)

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Phew! If you made it to the end of the list, good job! That’s a lot of crazy hair day ideas.

We hope you’ll be inspired to create your own unique creation for any upcoming wacky hair day you or your child will be attending.

We’d love to see what you come up with. Snap a photo and reach out on Facebook to show us.

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