21+ Best DIY Baby Halloween Costumes You Need To See

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Be inspired to make baby’s costume for their first Halloween with these DIY Baby Halloween costumes.  From little girl costumes to fun  baby boy Halloween costumes, these homemade Halloween costumes are surely going to be a hit! 

Be inspired to make baby's costume for their first Halloween with these DIY Baby Halloween costumes.  From little girl costumes to fun  baby boy Halloween costumes these, homemade Halloween costumes are surely going to be a hit! 

If this is your little one’s first Halloween then you’re going to love the adorable baby costume ideas we’ve collected in this post.

Whether your baby is just born or a little older we wanted to round up some of our favorite DIY baby Halloween costumes.

We love DIY Halloween costumes for kids.

So, naturally we had to create a post dedicated to some of the cutest and easiest DIY baby costume ideas.

The best costumes are homemade costumes in our opinion!

And, from DIY old lady baby costumes to DIY baby Halloween costumes of epic proportions like Sir Elton John we wanted to share our favorite ideas with you.

The list we’ve come up with is epic.

Down below you’ll find a huge collection of the most adorable DIY baby Halloween costumes. 

These DIY costume idea tutorials are perfect for dressing your little one up for Halloween night.

Whether you’re planning on doing a little trick or treating in your neighborhood, attending a kid friendly Halloween party or plan to hang back and show off your little one to trick or treaters while you hand out candy, you’re little bundle of joy will look super cute in their adorable costume.

And, if you’re totally last minute we’ve got you covered too with a few quick costumes you can make in no time at all. Cute costumes don’t have to be complicated.

So, we’ve included a bunch of DIY baby Halloween costumes you can make at the very last minute if you’re strapped for time.

Why DIY Baby Costumes Are a Great Idea

Making your own DIY baby Halloween costumes is the perfect time to create lasting memories with your new baby. 

Babies grow so incredibly so quickly and in the blink of an eye they’ll be all grown up and heading off to Halloween parties with their friends. So, we say enjoy every minute and take in every holiday.

Homemade costumes are always more creative than store bought anyway.

And, it’s so much fun to create a one of kind baby’s Halloween costume that makes them look incredibly cute. 

Here are a couple of reasons we love DIY baby Halloween costumes and think they are a good idea:

  • An adorable homemade Halloween costume is a wonderful way to build memories you’ll cherish forever
  • The great thing about DIY baby Halloween costumes is they are unique and one of a kind
  • Any homemade baby costume idea you can DIY yourself can be made using recycled materials and other simple materials you buy from a local craft shop or thrift store
  • DIY Halloween costumes for babies are budget friendly and a great way to save some extra money

21 Cute DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

1. Baby Owl Costume

DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

This adorable no-sew baby owl costume is an easy costume to make for your little guy or girl.

This gender neutral costume is easy costume to make and a comfortable fit for babies because it’s made of soft felt.

This is also one of those DIY baby Halloween costumes that is forgiving and that you can easily put on top of a snow suit or thick long sleeve thermal clothes if the weather is cold in your area around Halloween time. (Tutorial: Girl Loves Glam)

If you’re looking for a onesie version check out Make Life Lovely for her take on a white owl costume.

Tip* Get the whole family involved! Transform this into a Harry Potter family costume by dressing mom as Hemione and Dad as Harry Potter

2. Spaghetti & Meatballs

DIY Baby Halloween Costumes
last minute DIY baby Halloween costumes

This is one of our favorite costumes if you’re looking for something cute and last minute.

This adorable look is achieved by using a hot glue gun or fabric glue to attach jumbo gauge ivory colored yard to a white onesie. The more yarn the more it looks like an overflowing bowl of spaghetti.

Create meatballs using jumbo brown pom poms or plastic balls to finish off this adorable look.

Use a pot or large bowl as a baby carrier to really make this costume come to life and get a few smiles. (Idea: Cindy Made 2 Style)

3. Biker Baby Halloween Costume

DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

Perfect for a little boy this DIY idea is perfect for a cute last minute costume idea.

A tiny Harley Onesie is paired with black pants or jeans, a black head covering, a beard and a temporary tattoo to create this quick and easy costume idea for baby boys.

Don’t have a biker onesie? A black onesie would work just as well! (Idea: Unknown Source)

4. DIY Baby Gum Ball Machine

DIY Baby Halloween Costumes
unique DIY baby Halloween costumes

How cute is this DIY gum ball machine costume?

This gender neutral adorable baby costume is made by hot gluing multi-colored pom poms to a pilot cap.

A glitter pen is used to create the twenty five cent shirt. What we love most about this Halloween costume is how comfortable it is to wear for a baby.

The best part of this costume? It looks amazing and costs virtually nothing to make. (Idea: Costume Works)

5. Baby Doll Costume

When it comes to baby girl Halloween costumes this one is one of those fun ideas that is truly one of a kind for your little princess.

A little imagination is needed to transform a large cardboard toy or Amazon box into an oversized Cabbage Patch doll box that you can fix to your stroller or wagon on Halloween night.

Pull it all together with a genuine Cabbage Patch wig for kids and a cute floral dress.  (Idea: Costume Works)

6. Little Old Ladies

funny DIY baby Halloween costumes

Why is transforming a tiny baby into an old lady so epically cute?

This is one of those DIY baby Halloween costumes that has really picked up in popularity in the last few years.

White cotton balls are glued to a fitted baby hat to create a white wig.

Pair with a floral dress, white pants and a cardigan to create this adorable costume idea. (Tutorial: Just Simply Mom)

Tip* Use PVC pipe to create a tiny walker to really make this costume come to life. 

7. Little Pumpkin

This adorable Little Pumpkin costume is a classic DIY baby Halloween costume that you can make for your little bundle of joy.

Plan to layer a solid color onesie under your homemade pumpkin costume to create this adorable little Halloween costume.

We prefer an orange onesie but a black onesie would work too.

Use black felt to create the Jack-o’-lantern face and find a green hat to make the top of the pumpkin.

Get creative and try out different faces to really make this costume one of a kind. (Idea: Peekaboo Pages)

8. Baby Fish Costume

Animal costumes are always so much fun for babies and this baby fish costume is no exception.

This adorable DIY Halloween costume for babies needs to be made ahead of time so do plan ahead.

Make your own costume in whichever colors you’d like to really make it unique and one of a kind.  (Idea: See Vanessa Craft)

​9. DIY Sock Money Costume

This adorable sock money costume is created using a knitted Sock Monkey hat, a striped white and red onesie and grey pants.

This cute idea is simple to put together so make sure to plan ahead and order the components in time for Halloween. (Idea: Costume Works)

10. DIY Little Lamb

If you’re favorite book is Mary Had A Little Lamb you’re going to love this adorable little Lamb costume you can DIY for your little bundle of joy for their first Halloween.

This is one of our favorite quick and easy DIY Baby Halloween costumes because it’s a great gender neutral choice for both baby girls and boys!

Turn this into a mommy and me costume by dressing up as Mary from the classic book. (Tutorial: Make It & Love It)

11. DIY Baby Princess Costume

We love DIY baby Halloween costumes that really go the extra mile to bring the costume to life.

This adorable DIY baby Cinderella costumes transforms your little girl into a gorgeous princess, dress, crown and carriage included.

A wagon is cleverly transformed into a coach perfect for trick or treating on Halloween night. (Idea: unknown source)

12. DIY Baby Elvis Costume

DIY Baby Halloween costumes

Swoon. How handsome does this little guy look in this adorable DIY Baby Elvis Costume?

If you enjoy sewing then this is one of those DIY baby Halloween costumes for boys that is guaranteed to turn heads. (Idea: Sew Much Ado

13. DIY Homemade Pineapple Costume

DIY Baby Halloween costumes

If your looking for one of those DIY baby Halloween costumes that’s truly unique then this pineapple costume is sure to please.

You’ll need a yellow onesie, white felt and liquid stitch to bring this costume to life. (Idea: Lines Across)

​14. DIY Cotton Candy Baby Costume

DIY Baby Halloween costumes

This sweet DIY cotton Candy costume is another example of a great one of those last minute DIY Halloween costumes for little girls that you can throw together in a pinch.

A light pink onesie + white pants and some batting create this adorable fluffy cotton candy suit for your little princess. (Idea: A Joyful Riot)

15. DIY Baby Sloth Costume

DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

​If you’re priority is DIY baby Halloween costumes that allow you to carry your baby in a carrier then this DIY sloth Halloween costume is a great choice.

This makes a great last minute baby Halloween costume idea because all you need to do is print a sloth face template and make it by cutting out dark and light felt.

So cute and really quite easy to create. (Idea: Martha Stewart)

16. DIY Baby Doctor Costume

DIY baby Halloween costumes

Look who is all grown up and giving medical advice!

This adorable DIY baby doctor costume comes together with a couple of inexpensive items you can source on Amazon.

Pair a green onesie with a matching hat and add a plastic stethoscope to create this adorable DIY baby costume idea. (Idea: Mom Spotted)

17.  DIY Combine Tractor Costume

DIY baby Halloween costumes

This is one of those DIY baby Halloween costumes that is sure to win for creativity.

Save your Amazon boxes to create this neat Combine tractor costume.

Straps are attached to boxes that you paint with red spray paint to create this adorable combine suit that any baby boy will be proud to show off on Halloween night. (Idea: Costume works)

18. DIY Baby Sushi Halloween Costume

DIY baby Halloween costumes

Want to win a Halloween costume party for creativity? Then, this is absolutely one of the most clever and unique DIY baby Halloween costumes we’ve come across.

A DIY baby sushi costume is not only absolutely adorable but quite simple to make.

In this example baby is wearing a shrimp sashimi on their back.

But, if you’re strapped for time you can use any oversized fish plushy your child has laying around to get create an equally impressive last minute baby Halloween costume. (Idea: Ting & Things

19. DIY Baby Hippie Costume

DIY baby Halloween costumes

We love love love this cute Halloween costume for baby. In fact, it’s probably one of our absolute favorite gender neutral DIY baby Halloween costumes on this list.  

Score a tie die onesie for your little bundle of joy, an afro wig and an oversized peace sign necklace to put this adorable look together.

So cute, so easy and so much fun. (Idea: Gerber Baby)

20. DIY Baby Aerobics Instructor

DIY baby Halloween costumes

This super cute idea wins for being one of the easiest DIY baby Halloween costumes on our list.

Layer a colorful onesie over leggings to achieve that 80s aerobics instructor look.

Pair your little girl with a toy boom box to make this even more true to life. (Idea: Homemade By Jill)

21. DIY Baby Sir Elton John Costume

DIY baby Halloween costumes

And…. the award for most elaborate of all the DIY baby Halloween costumes goes to baby Elton John. This costume is sure to turn heads on Halloween night.

If you are looking to go all out and really want to make an impression then this incredible over the top Elton John costume could be a possibility.

Be warned though, creating this masterpiece takes time so definitely make sure you plan ahead. (Idea: Costume Works)

​22. DIY Queen Elizabeth and Her Corgis

Not only is your little girl a princess but now she’s also the Queen with this adorable DIY Queen Elizabeth costume.

Transform this into a family affair by dressing up younger siblings and family pets as Queen Elizabeth’s treasured Corgis. (Idea: Costume Works)

23. DIY Baby Elephant Costume

DIY Baby Halloween costumes

Here’s another absolutely adorable animal costume to consider for babies on Halloween.

This incredibly simple DIY Halloween costume is our top choice for cold weather DIY baby Halloween costumes since you can easier layer a snow suit or other warm clothes under this elephant suit. (Idea: Better Homes & Gardens)

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Before you go

We hope you loved these DIY baby Halloween costumes as much as we do.

We had loads of fun creating and sharing each of these cute costume ideas with you and hope that you’ve been inspired to make one of these DIY baby Halloween costumes for your little one.

Whichever of these fabulous ideas you choose for baby’s first Halloween costume we know that you will have the best time celebrating Halloween with your little bundle of joy.

Happiest Halloween from everyone here at This Tiny Blue House. 

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