Mommy And Me Halloween Costumes: 22 Best Unique Ideas For Halloween 2021

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Make Halloween extra special this year with these fabulous mommy and me Halloween costumes! Fun creative and absolutely adorable these Mommy and me Halloween Costumes are perfect for moms looking to coordinate their costume with their kids!

Make Halloween extra special this year with these fabulous mommy and me halloween costumes! Fun creative and absolutely adorable! #halloweencostumes #mommyandmecostumes #mommyandmehalloweencostumes #mommyandmecostumeideas #mommyandmecostumeinspiration


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Hooray for crazy cute Mommy and Me Halloween Costumes!

Are you looking for adorable mommy and me Halloween costumes?

Here are 22 adorable mommy and me Halloween costumes  to make Halloween with your kiddo extra special this year.

I mean seriously, I would have loved to dress up with my mom when I was a kid. Mommy and me Halloween costumes just weren’t all that popular when I was growing up.

But, there’s nothing cooler than that to a kid am I right?

Whether your kiddo is still a baby, an active toddler or even an older kid these Mommy and me Halloween costumes are super fun and creative and guaranteed to make your Halloween festivities extra fun this year!

Genius Mommy And Me Halloween Costumes

Cruella Deville & Dalmatians Costume

This adorable costume is a low mess, low cost alternative for moms who need to pull off a cute costume without much effort. In less than an hour you can execute this DIY Cruella Deville and Dalmatians costume with materials that you mostly already have laying around your house. Prepare ahead of time to really finish off this look by sourcing a Cruella wig and Dalmatians onesie. It’s perfect for front yard trick-or-treating, backyard party hopping or costume parties. (Idea from Costume Works)

Milk And Cookies Mommy & Me Costume

Make this DIY costume for Halloween with your toddler! It’s easy and adorable, perfect for the kickoff to Halloween. Mom dresses as a milk carton, and kids go as the perfect match dressed like an adorable chocolate chip cookie. Made out of carboard you likely have laying around at home this mommy and me Halloween costume is guaranteed hit at parties and during truck or treating. ( Costume idea from HGTV)

DIY Mother and Daughter Mermaid Costumes

Mommy and me mermaid costumes are the perfect choice for moms and their little ones this Halloween. It’s not hard to see why: it’s fun, creative, easy to make-a great sewing project for anyone who knows how! Be a beautiful mermaid in a gorgeous color with your child by your side. Prepare this one ahead of time because these matching Halloween outfits will be a story of success that you can tell over and over again. (Mermaid mommy and me costume idea from A Beautiful Mess)

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Where’s Waldo Mommy and Me Halloween Costume

Looking for the perfect no fuss mommy and me costume idea that won’t take up your whole day? Look no further than this adorable Where’s Waldo costume idea. This costume will pull together in mere seconds with nothing more than a striped shirt and matching hat. This costume is perfect for trick or treating, Halloween parties and even dressing up while snuggling on the couch enjoying a marathon of Halloween movies. (Costume idea from Pinterest)

Going To The Movies Costume Idea

No Sewing Required. If you want the perfect mom-and-baby costume this Halloween, this costume is a must! This cute idea will have all your fellow movie theater lovers falling in love with your baby. Not only is it easy to make, but at the end of the night, when everyone’s gone home and left you with leftover candy (or that extra tub of popcorn!), there’ll be memories galore in no time thanks to this clever (and super fun) costume idea. ( Costume Idea from This Place Is Now A Home)

Wayne’s World Mommy and Me Costume Idea

Do you love Wayne’s World? Does your daughter or son have a killer sense of humor and an unbreakable attachment to mommy’s hip? If you answered yes, then we’ve got the perfect costume for both of you. This Wayne’s World Mommy and Me Costume is sure to wow your friends with its hilariously kitschy design. (Costume idea from Costume Works)

DIY School Supplies Mommy & Me Costume

Mommy and me school supply costumes are a clever idea for moms to dress up with their kids. This set features a DIY pink eraser costume that will have your little one looking as cute as can be! This is one of those mommy and me Halloween costumes that is perfect for crafty moms as well as those who don’t know how to sew, because this costume is made from basic supplies. This set fits both boys and girls, so if you’re looking for an fun and unique family costume idea, this totally fits the bill. (Costume idea from Studio DIY)

Russian Nesting Doll Mommy and Me Costume Idea

Looking for a fun costume to wear with your little one ? Look no further! Inspired by traditional Russian nesting dolls, the Mommy and me Russian nesting doll costume is quirky and cute. The vests have a handmade finish so be warned: this perfect mommy-daughter duo will steal the show at any party! (Costume idea from Etsy)

Cop and Donut Mommy and Me Costume Idea

In this mommy and me costume, the caring cop is wearing a badge with “Mom” on it. A cute donut comes along for protection from villains that try to steal the candy he’s been given! Whether you’re trick or treating in your neighborhood, going to a community costume party, handing out candy at at home, or hosting your very own Halloween bash…this fun momma and me combo has got you covered. (Costume idea from

Sunshine and Rainbow Mommy and Me Halloween Costume

This adorable mommy and me costume has mom dressed as a rainbow and baby dressed as sunshine. This is the perfect mother-baby Halloween costume for this year! It’s an easy project to create. You won’t regret it when people tell you that this is one of the cutest family costumes they have seen in years! (Costume idea and tutorial available from

Babushka Mommy And Me Halloween Costume

Whether you’re mommy to one little girl or three, this can be an adorable costume for bonding with your daughter this Halloween. Source part of your costume from materials you’ve got at home, the dollar store or even the local thrift shop to make this one of those mommy and me Halloween costumes that comes together really quickly and at a low cost. (Costume idea from June Bug & Beila-Bot)

Wizard Of Oz Duo Halloween Costume

The mother and daughter costume is a long-lasting tradition. Why dress up as two separate people when you can be the iconic duo from the book-turned movie The Wizard of Oz? Whether or not your little one has read L. Frank Baum’s story, this pair will make you feel like you stepped right off the big cinematic screen and into the Emerald City! ( Costume idea from Dress Cori Lynn)

Alice In Wonderland Mommy And Me Halloween Costume

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you know that Alice in Wonderland is so much more than just a story: it’s an EVER-chic and unforgettable trend that lends perfectly to creating mommy and me Halloween costumes. With this mommy and me costume idea, both parents can feel like Royalty as we walk through the Looking Glass together with their little one! (Costume idea from Say Yes)

Firefighter & Dalmatian Mommy And Me Halloween Costume

Are you in need of a quick and simple DIY mommy and me costume idea? Look no further than this clever costume perfect for moms and their preschoolers. White leggings, a t-shirt and tutu are paired with black dots to create a cute mommy Dalmatian costume. Paired with a firefighter costume your child may already own (or buy one for a few dollars on Amazon) your kids will be ready in time for Halloween! (Costume idea from Moms and Munchkins)

Master Chef & Main Lobster Mommy And Me Halloween Costume

mommy and me chef and her lobster costume

Master Chef & Main Lobster Mommy And Me Halloween Costume from Amazon

Jack Skellington And Sally Costume

It’s never too early to start getting into the Halloween spirit, and what could be more festive than dressing up as your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas character! As an added bonus to this whimsical set-up, the coat pattern (a thrifted tux coat modified for size) can also bring out your little one’s gothic side. Let’s face it; both Jack Skellington and Sally are timeless icons of our holiday season that will never go out of style. You’ll love how simple sewing these costumes is if you’re not experienced with cloth work. (Costume idea from Costume Works)

Mommy And Me Halloween Owl Costume

This super cute mommy and me owl Halloween costumes are perfect for Halloween pairings. A free downloadable pattern makes creating this adorable costume duo a breeze, so every mom can sew her own with little to no sewing experience. (Costume idea and tutorial from The Crafting Nook)

Mommy And Son Mickey Mouse Costume

Let your child’s favorite cartoon mouse guide you this Halloween! Get your little one in on the fun. Create costumes that are timeless and classic with items you already have at home or that you can easily source on Amazon. Make it easy for mommy with Mickey Mouse! (Costume idea from The Mommy Way)

Frida Kahlo & Her Portrait Mommy And Me Costume

A one of a kind, unique mommy-and-me costume idea for moms and their little girls. Seize the opportunity to bring art history into your little girl’s life with this Frida Kahlo and her portrait! (Costume idea from Hello My Love)

Rainbow Brite And Creamie

Who says there’s no such thing as nostalgia for kids these days? Rainbow Brite is back, and she needs your help! That’s right; the world needs this mommy/child duo to restore peace again. And, mommy needs her kid to be her sidekick. (Costume available from Pink Suede Shoe)

Seeing Red Baby & Me Diver And Octopus Costume

mommy and me halloween costume diver and octopus

Seeing Red Baby & Me Diver And Octopus Costume from Amazon

Ariel & Sebastian Mommy And Me Halloween Costume

What’s cuter than two adorable classic Disney characters? You guessed it, a mommy-baby pair dressed as Ariel and Sebastian. I mean come on, who doesn’t love these classic favorites?! Whether you’re going to a Halloween party or handing out candy for trick-or-treating, everyone is sure to be asking about your clever costume duo. (Costume idea from Sarah Sherman Samuel)

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Make Halloween extra special this year with these fabulous mommy and me halloween costumes! Fun creative and absolutely adorable! #halloweencostumes #mommyandmecostumes #mommyandmehalloweencostumes #mommyandmecostumeideas #mommyandmecostumeinspiration
mommy and me Halloween costumes and ideas
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