Easy Paper Plate Santa Craft Kids Love Making

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This adorable paper plate Santa craft is so much fun for younger kids and older kids alike during the Christmas season. A fun craft idea that uses simple materials, this is one of those easy Santa crafts that instantly boosts holiday spirit.

paper plate santa craft
paper plate Santa craft

Paper Plate Santa Craft

I love making paper plate crafts.

They’re one of my favorites because they use such simple supplies that I often have laying my house.

And, with the most wonderful time of the year quickly approaching I wanted to come up with a fun paper plate craft that even the youngest crafters would enjoy making.

This simple paper plate Santa craft is an adorable craft idea to make during the month of December with kids of all ages. So, add it to your Christmas bucket list.

What I love most about this craft is that it uses simple materials like leftover paper plates, glue, cotton wool and a little paint to create an adorable Santa Clause kids will proudly want to display.

Continue reading to get all the information you need about making this paper plate Santa craft with your child.

I will give you step by step instructions that are simple and easy to follow for young kids.

Ready? Let’s get to it.

What You’ll Need To Make A Paper Plate Santa Craft

paper plate santa craft

Here are the basic craft supplies you’ll need to make this paper plate Santa craft.  

If you’re just starting out with kids crafts I highly recommend buying a starter craft kit like the Funzbo Arts and crafts kit on amazon.

It comes with most of the craft supplies you’ll need to create a variety of different crafts and craftivities for kids.

Here is exactly what you’ll need to make this adorable paper plate Santa craft

  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Googly eyes, medium size
  • Red pom pom, small or medium size
  • Cotton wool or snow fluff for Santa’s beard
  • Cotton balls for the brim of Santa’s hat
  • ​Red cardstock
  • Craft paint for Santa’s face
  • Paint brush
  • Glue, regular white glue, hot glue or mod podge 
  • Paper plate

How To Make A Paper Plate Santa Craft

paper plate santa craft

Step 1 Use craft paint in the color of your choice to paint the back of a paper plate since this is where you will be building Santa’s face.

I suggest putting newspaper down or large pieces of paper to prevent children from painting on your table, desk or other work surface.

If you want you can also paint the front of the plate once the back of the plate has dried. This step is optional.

paper plate santa craft

Step 2 Use a ruler to trace a Santa hat on your red card stock paper.

I opted to use sparkly red cardstock to make my Santa hat have some bling.

My triangle is about 9 inches from the corner of my cardstock. Feel free to modify the size of your Santa hat.

You can make it larger or smaller. It’s personal preference.

paper plate santa craft

Step 3 Glue your Santa hat to the top of the paper plate using glue and let it dry.

I opted to use white glue but you can use hot glue or mod podge too.

Just make sure to keep an eye on young crafters if you are working with a hot glue gun.

I suggest gluing your Santa hat to the top third of the paper plate for some added stability.

paper plate santa craft

Step 4 Glue cotton balls to the brim of your Santa’s hat using glue.

paper plate santa craft

Step 5 Glue your googly eyes to Santa’s face as well as a red pom pom nose. You can also use a large red glittery pom-pom for more sparkle.

If you don’t have any googly eyes handy you can get creative and draw eyes using a black marker or cut some out of black cardstock.

Step 6 Glue a white cotton ball or large white pom-pom to the top of Santa’s hat.

You can even add a jingle bell to make it ring when you shake the craft for some added fun.

paper plate santa craft

Step 7 Build Santa’s beard at the bottom of the paper plate using your choice of rows of cotton balls, cotton wool or snow fluff.  All three options produce an adorable paper plate Santa craft.

Trim excess cotton as you work. 

paper tube santa craft

Step 8 Use a dark pink crayon to make Santa’s rosy cheeks. This step is optional but fun!

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Before You Go

I just love making paper plate Christmas crafts like our paper plate Santa craft.

They are such a fun way to get creative during the holiday season. Paper plate crafts are lots of fun because they use readily available materials like extra paper plates you may have laying around. 

This paper plate Santa craft is a cute Santa themed craft to make with kids around Christmas time.

We’d love to see your finished paper plate Santa craft.

So, snap a picture and reach out to us on our Facebook page to show us your completed paper plate Santa craft!

Got a question? Drop us a comment and the end of the post with a valid email address so we can get in touch with you.

Merry Christmas!

P.S Check back soon because we’ve got an adorable Mrs. Claus Christmas craft that pairs beautifully with this paper plate Santa craft in the works! We can’t wait to share it with you.

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