Festive Reindeer Craft Kids Love Making

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The holiday season is the perfect time to make this little reindeer craft with kids. Quick and easy to make this reindeer face craft is a fun way to boost holiday spirit in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Reindeer craft

Easy Reindeer Craft For Kids

I’ve got a fun reindeer craft to share with you today and I couldn’t be more excited.

With Christmas right around the corner I wanted to share a cute reindeer craft that kids as young as 3 enjoy making. It’s a fun choice at school or at home during the holiday season.

We’ve already made a paper Christmas tree craft with pom poms and popsicle stick Christmas tree that was so much fun.

So, I wanted to come up with another fun craft idea for Christmas to share with you guys this year. 

Our simple reindeer craft is a fun activity you can do at home with the kids in anticipation of Christmas. It uses very simple craft supplies and is the perfect craft for kids of all ages including young children.

Continue reading to find out more information about this easy reindeer popsicle stick craft and get detailed step by step directions to make it yourself!

Craft Supplies 

Here are the crafting supplies you need to make our easy reindeer popsicle stick craft.

All these crafting materials can be purchased at your local dollar store, craft shop or online via Amazon. 

Supplies for making a Reindeer Craft for kids
  • free printable reindeer template (see bottom of post for download links)
  • cardboard (brown paper or brown construction paper works fine too!)
  • brown paint (we like to use this brown craft paint
  • paint brush 
  • scissors 
  • googly eyes (or make your own paper eyes, use bottle caps or draw eyes with a marker)
  • tissue or cotton balls (we used cotton but tissue works well too) 
  • red ribbon 
  • popsicle sticks
  • glue (white glue or a glue stick)
  • red cellophane wrap

How To Make Our Popsicle Stick Reindeer

Our simple reindeer crafts comes together in a few simple steps that are easy for even the youngest crafters with little hands.  

This simple reindeer craft is so much fun to make and helps strengthen fine motor skills. It’s a great craft idea for a holiday party, classroom activity, during Christmas dinner or anytime during the holiday season.

Here are step by step instructions so you can make this reindeer craft too!

Step 1 

How to make a Reindeer craft for kids, step 1

Print and cut the free reindeer template provided at the bottom of this post. Once cut, you should have a head, mouth and antlers.

Step 2

How to make a Reindeer craft for kids, step 2

Take the cut out pieces and trace them onto your piece of cardboard using a pencil. Cut out your 3 pieces.  Set the mouth aside to use later.

Step 3 

How to make a Reindeer craft for kids, step 3

Paint the reindeer’s head and antlers using brown craft paint. We recommend letting the pieces dry really well before moving on to the next step. 

Step 4 

How to make a reindeer craft for kids, step 4

Assemble your red nosed reindeer by using a little glue to stick the reindeer’s antlers and mouth to your reindeer head.

Attach the googly eyes to your popsicle stick reindeer craft.

Use hot glue if regular glue isn’t sticky enough.

If you don’t have googly eyes you can make eyes using white paper, draw them with black marker or even upcycle bottle caps.

Step 5

How to make a reindeer craft step 5

Make Rudolph’s red nose by crumpling a tissue paper or using a few pieces of cotton.

Cover with red cellophane wrap and attach it to your popsicle stick using a small piece of ribbon or elastic.

Step 6

How to make a reindeer craft, step 6

Push the cellophane nose through the nose hole on your paper reindeer craft.

Your reindeer nose should come out through the front of the craft making a bright red Rudolph nose.

Step 7

how to make a reindeer craft, step 7

​Make a bow with your ribbon and attach it to Rudolph’s neck using some hot glue.

Or, wrap the ribbon around the popsicle stick and tie a bow. Both methods work well.

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Before You Go

reindeer craft complete final project

Before you go I just want to wish you a very happy holiday season.

I hope you plan to make this adorable reindeer craft with your kids.

And, if you’re a teacher I hope you have loads of fun making it in class with your students. We’d love to hear your educators’ spin on our craft!

​I’d love to know how your paper reindeer craft turns out! Reach out via social media (Facebook & Pinterest is your best bet) to let us know how it goes!

🎄Merry Christmas🎄

​Free printable Template

free reindeer template – pdf file

More Reindeer Crafts From Around The Web

more reindeer crafts from around the web

Here are some more easy reindeer crafts we love from around the internet!

Each of these simple reindeer craft for kids are a fun and festive holiday activity for young children.

These fun and simple crafts are a fun way to build holiday spirit while working on fine motor skills.

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