Easy Paper Christmas Tree Craft for Kids To Make

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A festive and easy paper Christmas tree craft that is a lot of fun for young kids and older kids alike during the holiday season.

easy paper Christmas tree

Easy Paper Christmas Tree Craft For Kids

Today, I have a fun project for Christmas time to share with you.

This easy Christmas tree craft is a cheap and easy holiday craft you can make with kids of all ages in honor of the holiday season. 

Our reindeer lollipop craft was so popular that we decided to make another Christmas paper craft to share with you!

Plus, my daughter loves crafting so I came up with this fun little craft last week that has become one of my favorite Christmas tree craft ideas.

It’s the perfect project for some holiday crafting fun during the month of December.

Whether you’re planning to make this easy green paper tree at home or in the classroom we know kids of all ages will enjoy making these paper trees.

Continue reading to find out exactly what you need to make your own Christmas tree in addition to a step by step instructions.

​​Craft Supplies

Paper Christmas tree craft

How To Make A Paper Christmas Tree

Step 1: Make a Square

paper Christmas tree craft for kids

The first thing you’ll need to do is create a square paper with your green construction paper.

To do this, take the upper right corner of your green construction paper and fold it towards the lower left side.

Use sharp scissors to cut along the bottom of your sheet of paper to form a perfect square.

You can also use a craft knife or x-acto  knife. If you’re working with kids we suggest an adult do the cutting with anything other than safety scissors. 

Next year, my daughter and I want to make a whole forest of these DIY paper Christmas trees. So, we’re going to make squares for a larger tree in addition to small squares for smaller trees. 

Tip* If you go the craft knife or x-acto route make sure you have a hard work surface under your paper before cutting. Also, you can make larger or smaller tree templates by adjusting the size of your green square. 

Step 2: Cut Strips

paper Christmas tree craft for kids

Use scissors to cut strips into you green construction paper.

Make sure not to cut completely through the square.

I like to leave at least 1 cm of uncut paper at the folded edge to make sure the paper strips are sturdy enough for building the Christmas tree in the next few steps.

Tip* If you are crafting with younger kids who are still working on their fine motor skills you may want to use pencil lines or dotted lines to mark where they need to cut their paper strips. This is a great idea if you want to prevent small kids from cutting right through your green construction paper square.

Step 3: Unfold Your Paper

Unwrap the paper exposing the paper strips. Detangle any strips that get caught or stuck together.

Step 4: Form The Tree

paper Christmas tree craft for kids

Starting at the bottom of your paper and working upward bring a strip of paper to the center.

Use a small amount of glue or double sided tape to seal the strip to the center of the page.

Continue gluing the cut areas of paper and create folded edges until you’ve created the Christmas tree shape.

The easiest way is to start from the bottom and work your way to the top of the tree by alternating sides.

Tip* We do not suggest using hot glue and a glue gun for these christmas tree crafts. Instead we suggest using white glue, a glue stick or double sided tape.

Step 5: Make it Stable

Cut a strip of cardboard and attach it to the glued side of your paper Christmas tree.

The carboard strip should measure approximately 12 inches by 0.5 inch.

The strip of cardboard serves to hide the glued areas of your paper Christmas tree. This gives it stability for decorating. This will become the back of the tree.

Step 6: Make a Tree Trunk

Cut a rectangle from the brown paper and attach it to the bottom of the tree to create the tree trunk.

Step 7 Decorate

paper Christmas tree craft for kids

Lastly, decorate your paper Christmas tree craft with creative Christmas decorations.

We opted to use pom poms but you decorate your paper Christmas tree in a variety of different creative ways. 

Creative Ways To Decorate Your Paper Tree Craft

easy paper christmas tree crafts for kids

Use sparkles, tissue paper, stickers, kraft paper, paper snowflakes, buttons, pom poms, pieces of wrapping paper, paper cutouts, paper leaves, scrapbook paper, paper decorations, gold paper, ribbons or any other supplies you have to create handmade Christmas ornaments to decorate paper Christmas tree.

Here are some fun ideas you can use on your own tree

  • Tissue paper Christmas tree ornaments – make tiny balls with red, blue, white and green tissue paper and stick them to your paper Christmas tree!
  • Paper snowflakes – cute tiny paper snowflakes with white paper and glue them on each side of the tree.
  • Paper chain – use small strips of colorful construction paper to create a small paper chain you can glue to your Christmas tree papercraft.
  • Cone shape tree topper – create a fun tree topper using kraft paper or construction paper. Place your paper cone Christmas tree topper at the top of the Christmas tree.

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Before You Go

There you have it! An adorable paper Christmas tree you can make during the holiday season to celebrate the arrival of Christmas.

We’d love to know how your paper Christmas tree turns out. Drop us a comment down below or reach out to us on our Socials (Facebook and Pinterest are your best bet!) to let us know how it goes! 

P.S there’s a video tutorial for this paper Christmas tree in the works, so visit back regularly for that update!

🎄Merry Christmas🎄

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