Best christmas scavenger hunt printable (18 Unique Clue Cards)

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Our Christmas scavenger hunt printable is a fun activity for older and younger kids during the holiday season. A fun way to boost holiday spirit this free printable game is loads of fun for the whole family.

Christmas scavenger hunt printable

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printable

One of my families favorite Christmas traditions is hosting a holiday scavenger hunt for my daughter and her cousins on Christmas day.  

In fact, we enjoy it so much that a Christmas hunt has made it on to our families holiday bucket list.

We print out a copy of our Christmas scavenger hunt printable and tuck the Christmas treasure hunt clues in a variety of different spots in the house. 

The kids have so much fun searching for the printable clues and finding small trinkets and special treats along the way to their big gift. 

And, the older kids and adults cheer on the youngsters as they search making it a fun Christmas activity the entire family enjoys.

Continue reading to find out more about our free printable Christmas scavenger hunt and to download a copy you can use to host your own own Christmas scavenger hunt during this special time of year.

About Our Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printable

christmas scavenger hunt printable

I created two versions of our Christmas scavenger hunt printable for even more family fun. 

The first set of Christmas scavenger hunt clues comes with 18 clue cards with a Christmas theme and fun instructions. Read through the clues to make sure you can use them in your space. 

The second set of clues in our Christmas scavenger hunt printable has blank cards which is the perfect way to really make this easy Christmas game your own. 

Although my scavenger clues are pretty generic they may not be a good fit for everyone.

So, replace, add additional clues or make your own using our blank clue cards. 

Each download file comes with 18 clue cards. Our Christmas scavenger hunt printable was created on standard size US letter paper and in color. 

So, plan to print this easy Christmas game in color ink for even more holiday fun since each clue was created using festive imagery and colors including a Christmas decorations, mugs of hot chocolate, jingle bells, and candy cane.

We created our Christmas scavenger hunt printable with kids in mind. So, our Christmas scavenger hunt clues have simple wording and easy to understand instructions. 

When To Host A  Christmas Scavenger Hunt

christmas scavenger hunt printable

Christmas Eve

This Christmas scavenger hunt printable is a fun idea for a Christmas eve activity for kids to really get them excited about Santa visit from the north pole.

Family members can work together to set up the clue cards for little ones to find with a special item like an early Christmas gift, small prize or non-candy treats at the end. 

Our Christmas scavenger hunt printable is a great way to really build up the holiday spirit before the end of the night.

Christmas Morning

Another fun option is using our Christmas scavenger hunt printable to hide the kids Christmas gifts on Christmas morning. It’s a fun idea if you don’t have a fire place and want to start a new tradition.

Kids will have loads of fun trying to get through the scavenger hunt to find the last clue! There’s really no better way to get kids of all ages excited about Santa’s visit.

Christmas Break

This Christmas scavenger hunt printable would also be fun anytime during Christmas break. It’s a really great boredom buster for kids looking to do a high energy Christmas themed activity. Play your favorite Christmas song and let the kids take part in a holiday hunt.

If you want to be really brave you can make a bunch of new clue cards using our blank template and finish the hunt outdoors with a small gift.

Christmas Party 

We’ve used our Christmas scavenger hunt printable at a Christmas party we hosted too. All the kids are on Santa’s nice list because everyone got a small gift at the end!

It’s a one of the simple ways to give young children a fun Christmas activity that they’ll really enjoy participating in. 

At School

Use our blank scavenger hunt printable template to host a holiday hunt in the school. Divide children into a a couple of small group and give them the first clue to get them started. 

Watch the excitement and friendly competition grow as they work their way through the scavenger hunt. Rewarding them with a small non-candy treat is always a nice touch! Set a time limit to make it even more competitive.

How To Host A Christmas Themed Scavenger Hunt

christmas scavenger hunt printable

Pick A Starting Point

Pick your starting point. When I created this Christmas scavenger hunt printable I purposely didn’t designate a specific starting point.

Since our homes are all very different I wanted Christmas scavenger hunt organizers to have the flexibility to pick their starting point.

Some of our favorite starting points include: the patio door, kitchen table, Christmas tree or front door!

Decide On A Special Surprise Or Prizes

Totally optional but oh so fun! We use our Christmas scavenger hunt to give our daughter and her cousins their Christmas gifts from the family after Christmas dinner on the 25th. 

But, you can also hide fun prizes, treats and small gifts along the way with the last clue bringing them to a bigger surprise. If you do go this route make sure to make yourself a list of items you’ll need in advance. 

Here are some awesome ideas to get your started: 

Hide Your Clues

The last step is hiding your clues.

Put the first clue at your designated starting point and hide each next clue in it’s appropriate spot.  

There’s no particularly order so place them whichever way makes sense for your home.

Use a piece of tape or sticky tack to make sure the scavenger hunt clue cards stick to a variety of different surfaces.

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Download & Print Instructions

Christmas scavenger hunt printable

To download our Christmas scavenger hunt printable you need to click on the download link for the pdf file found down below.

The pdf file containing the 3 pages of Christmas scavenger hunt clues will then open in a new window.

Verify that your printer is set to print in portrait orientation and in color and hit print.

Use sharp scissors to cut out your Christmas clue cards. In all, you should have 18 cards.

*TIP print our Christmas scavenger hunt printable and double-thick card stock paper to make them sturdier.

Before You Go

How fun does this scavenger hunt for Christmas sound? 

Whether you use it to have your children find their Christmas presents on Christmas morning or as a party game at a Christmas party  with a group of friends we hope you have loads of fun.

Our Christmas scavenger hunt printable is such a great way to spread a little holiday cheer and boost Christmas spirit.

If you do plan to use our Christmas ideas this holiday season we would love to know about! Snap a photo and reach out to use on social media! (One of the best ways is on Facebook).

Got a question? Leave us a comment down below. Don’t forget to  leave us a valid email address so we can get back to you.

🎄 Merry Christmas! 🎄

Download Link

Christmas scavenger hunt printable – printable pdf

Christmas scavenger hunt printable (blank clue cards) – printable pdf

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