Best Free Printable Halloween Bingo For Kids (28 Unique Cards)

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Our free Halloween bingo for kids is so much fun for kids of all ages. Print our free printable Halloween bingo game and start playing within minutes during the spookiest time of year!

Our free Halloween bingo for kids is so much fun for kids of all ages. Print our free printable Halloween bingo game and start playing within minutes during the spookiest time of year!

Halloween Bingo For Kids

My family loves to play Bingo games. It’s such a fun way to spend some quality time together.

We think bingo is such a great game and we always have tons of fun playing this fun activity throughout the year.

So, naturally we wanted to add a festive Halloween bingo for kids to our large and growing collection of fun Halloween games including I Spy, word search, color by number and more…

Our free printable Halloween bingo for kids comes with 28 different cards and a calling card. It’s a fun game for a classroom Halloween party or at home anytime during the month of October.

Continue reading to get more information about our Halloween bingo for kids including how to play, game alternatives and neat prize ideas!

In a rush? Scroll to the bottom of this post to download our Halloween bingo printable.

How To Play Halloween Bingo

Halloween bingo for kids

Our Halloween Bingo for kids comes with 28 different bingo cards.

Each printable sheet in our printable bingo game comes with 4 unique cards that you can use sharp scissors to separate.

In addition there are 2 marker sheets. One that you’ll cut into pieces for your draw pile and one you’ll keep whole to keep track of what has been drawn when you start to play.

We created this Halloween bingo for kids as a classic game of bingo meaning the center is a free space and the first person to get a complete line down or across BINGOS!

​Our Halloween bingo for kids can be used by small groups of kids or an entire class. Young children tend to manage better with 1 card while an older child can manage a set of cards or more.

To start, give each player at least one of the free printable game boards in addition to bingo markers (see below for some bingo marker options).

If you are less than 28 players you can give players more than one of the unique bingo boards to play with.  

Large groups of 28 or more can print one or more set of Halloween bingo cards to have enough bingo cards for all players.

If you do plan to print more than one printable set it’s a good idea to keep in mind that you’ll likely have more than one winner. So, if you’re planning on giving prizes plan ahead.

​Pick one player to be the caller and begin playing your game. First player to get a complete line down or across bingos!

Each of our unique bingo cards was created using spooky Halloween themed items including:

  • trick or treat bucket
  • haunted house
  • boo!
  • bat
  • witch hat
  • tombstone
  • vampire
  • ghost dog
  • spider web
  • Frankenstein
  • witch shoes
  • black cat
  • October 31st
  • spider
  • purple bat
  • skeleton head
  • jack o’lantern
  • mummy
  • vampire teeth
  • cauldron
  • ghost
  • potion
  • candy corn
  • Halloween candy

What You’ll Need To Play

Setting up a game of Halloween bingo is quick and easy.

The good news is that you need very little in the way of supplies to set yourself up for a fun game of Halloween bingo for kids

Color printer – our bundle of Halloween bingo cards for kids was created to be printed in color since the bingo cards are festive and colorful. So, we highly recommend using a color printer to print your bingo cards.

Free printable Halloween bingo cards – we suggest using high quality card stock to print your Halloween bingo for kids cards. It’s a great way to make your bingo cards strong and durable.

Scissors – you’ll need sharp scissors to cut out your individual bingo cards and draw pile.

Bingo markers – dot markersbingo chipscandy corn, daubers or even Halloween erasers are a really great idea for players to use as bingo markers.

Laminator – one of the best ideas if you want to make your Halloween bingo for kids reusable from one year to the next. We love this budget friendly laminator available from Amazon.

Bingo prizes – a fun little bonus for players who bingo! Prizes can be anything from candy to slime. See more of our favorite suggestions below.

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When To Use Halloween Bingo For Kids

Halloween bingo for kids

Our Halloween bingo for kids can be used in a variety of different social situations.

From school to costume parties and even family game night there are so many different ways our bingo game can be played.

Halloween Parties

Halloween bingo for kids is the perfect choice for Halloween parties of all types.

Kids and adults alike enjoy playing this classic game and will have loads of fun waiting to be the first player to bingo!

Offer prizes to make Halloween bingo for kids even more fun!

Class Parties

we love our Halloween bingo for kids for classroom parties.

From kindergarten to high school we know that kids of all ages will get a kick out of playing bingo and vying to be the first person to scream bingo.

Family Game Night 

A fun way to unwind after any other Halloween themed activity like a visit to the pumpkin patch, a movie marathon or a visit to a local haunted house.

Play a relaxing game of Halloween bingo with the family and enjoy some quality time together anytime during the month of October.

Setup To Play 

  1. Get your bingo cards ready by cutting each sheet into 4 unique Halloween bingo cards. In all you’ll have 28 unique Halloween bingo cards.
  2. Prepare your draw pile by cutting along the dotted lines. You should have 24 Halloween themed items. Place them in a bowl or paper bag and give them a good shake.
  3. Assemble enough bingo markers for everyone playing. See above for some of our favorite Halloween themed bingo markers. Or, visit an online store like Amazon for some cost effective options.
  4. Give each player one or more bingo cards and a pile of bingo markers to start a game.
  5. Assign a caller and begin pulling one card at a time from your draw pile.
  6. First person to get one line across or down BINGOS!

Bingo Game Alternatives 

Although our Halloween bingo for kids was created for playing a classic game of bingo there are loads of alternate games you can play as well.

  • 4 corners – first player to get 4 corners BINGOS!
  • 2 lines – 2 full lines across are needed to bingo!
  • x – a full x crossing through the free space to win this game
  • full card – sometimes called blackout bingo, full card wins!*

NOTE* Our Halloween bingo for kids can be used to play blackout bingo. But, there will be more than one winner so plan ahead.

Prize Ideas

Download Instructions

Halloween bingo for kids

To print our free Halloween bingo for kids simply click on the download link located at the bottom of this page. 

From there the pdf file containing the free Hallloween bingo game will open in a new window.  You’re pdf file will contain 7 pages of unique Halloween bingo cards and 2 marker sheets.

You can opt to save the pdf file to your computer or proceed to print without saving. 

Always do a print preview before hitting print to make sure that your printer settings scale is set correctly.

We suggest selecting “fit to printable area” to ensure that our Halloween bingo for kids prints correctly.

Please note that all our free printables, printable files, Halloween party games, educational activities, interactive resources and pre-made digital activities are intended for classroom and personal use only. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a Halloween bingo for kids that is a great activity to play anytime during the month of October in honor of the spooky season.

If you do end up using our Halloween bingo boards, we want to know about it! Snap a picture and reach out to us on social media (Facebook is best!) to let us know!

Got a question? Drop a comment below with your first name and email address and we’re do our very best to answer.

🎃Happy Halloween!🎃

P.S We’ve got an insanely adorable Christmas bingo post going live soon! We used it last year as a part of a family set of Christmas games and can’t wait to share it with you! Check back often because it’s going live REAL soon.

Download Links

Halloween bingo for kids

Halloween bingo for kids + calling cards – free download and printable pdf file 

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