Multiplication Tables Chart: Free Printable Times Table Chart (0-12)

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Here is a totally free times tables chart you can download and print to help young learners master their multiplication tables!

Free Printable Times Tables Chart

Multiplication Tables Chart

Here is a free multiplication tables chart printable that we created to help young learners master their multiplication tables in a fun and visually stimulating way. This lovely and vibrant multiplication chart is a fantastic method to get children interested in practicing their times tables.

It is great for teachers to use in the classroom and we encourage you to print out our tables chart and stick it up on your wall as a constant reminder of what children should be learning, or simply use it at home with your child/children.

You can print this multiplication tables chart and let your student study it. Students can also use our free printable to practice skip counting and to check their multiplication facts while they work on other multiplication activities.

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We’ve created this free printable times tables chart in both color and black and white. Both options work equally well but the colorful version adds a visual boost to the activity!

Keep on reading to see some of our best tips and strategies to help kids master their times times tables and to score your own free copy of our tables chart.

Why Is Learning Times Tables Chart Important?

times table chart

Kids need to learn their times tables for many different reasons. In the real world, multiplication will come up time and time again.

This is why it’s a good idea to memorize them as much as possible! In school, there are so many places multiplication will pop up that it’s important to be able to recall your multiplication facts it.

Multiplication is also one of the first forms of division you learn how to do and one of the first forms of math people become really familiar with.

Almost anything you ever study in math has something to do with multiplication , so it’s a really a critical skill to master. If your child is 7 or 8 years old then a times tables chart is a great way to start getting them comfortable with concepts of multiplication.

How To Learn Multiplication Using A Times Tables Chart

A times tables chart is a great way to help kids learn their multiplication tables.

Our times tables chart pdf is a visual learning tool to help children learn their tables by giving them a visual reference for each of the times tables.

multiplication tables chart printable

Children can spot the entire multiplication expression, including the factors and products of each equation, which might make it simpler to grasp how factors and products are related.

Using a times tables chart will also help children to develop a feel for each of the multiplication tables and give them the chance to practice skip counting.

Here are 6 simple tips that can help your child to learn their multiplication tables using our printable times table chart:

Look for patterns

It is good to look for patterns when learning the times tables charts, especially in the multiples column (e.g., 3, 6, 9 etc) and in the product column (e.g., 3 x 9 = 27, 6 x 9 = 54 etc).

Practice skip counting

Bounce from one number to the next. Start by saying a times tables expression out loud, then bounce from that number to the next. For example, with 3 x 6 you can say “3 times six is 12” and then skip count on 12 to get 18. Continue bouncing on each new multiple until you have recited the whole table.

Use the times tables chart to check your answers

Kids can use our tables chart to check their answers while they complete their homework or complete other activities that require them to multiply. Checking their answers lets them know whether they are on the right track or not, so it is a good way to support their learning and build their confidence.

Draw Pictures To Represent Multiplication Equations

Drawing out multiplication equations means drawing pictures that represent each number factor in the equation. So, if your child is learning to multiply 3 x 7 they would need to draw 3 groups of 7 and then count how many items they have altogether to discover the answer is 21.

Teach your child to estimate

A good idea is to teach your child to approximate their answers and then systematically check them by multiplying both factors, checking it on their times tables chart and correcting as necessary. Estimation is a great way to boost your child’s confidence when completing multiplication activities.

Practice Multiplication With Mnemonics

Mnemonic devices are great for helping kids remember the order of operations when multiplying. Kids can use songs, sayings or pictures to help them get their multiplication facts sorted in their heads (here’s a blog post with more ideas on how to memorize times tables).

Print and laminate a copy for kids to use in school and home

Once you have downloaded and printed off our multiplication chart, try laminating (this our favorite budget friendly laminator available on Amazon) it so that it can be used again and again. Our printable times tables chart is best kept at home or in the classroom where children can refer to it as often as needed.

Combine our times tables chart with games

Making learning fun is always a great way to help kids learn their times tables. We like to make our own games and activities when teaching children to multiply. Consider using our free printable while you play multiplication games with your learner.

Here are our top 10 favorite multiplication games:

  1. Multiplication Dominoes
  2. Jumpin’ Chips Multiplication Game
  3. Wooden Multiplication & Math Table Board Game
  4. Math War Multiplication Card Game
  5. Learning Resources tri-FACTa Multiplication Game
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Download & Print Instructions

tables chart free printables in black and white and color

Our free printable tables chart comes in black and white and color. To download simply click the image below, then print it at home or download it to your computer. If you are printing at home, make sure you click “fit to page” when you are printing so that your chart will be the right size.

To download simply click the link that corresponds to the version of our multiplication times tables chart you want to print.

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