Best Fun Valentine Unscramble Worksheet (Free Printable)

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Here is a Valentine unscramble worksheet that is a fun activity for any type of Valentine’s day party at home or in the classroom. Free to print this is a great activity for kids who enjoy word scramble games.

Valentine Unscramble Worksheet

We’re excited to add this Valentine unscramble worksheet to our collection of Valentine’s day activities.

We’ve already got a large collection of free printable Valentine’s day worksheets and games for Valentine’s day including a word search, I Spy, Valentine’s Bingo and a heart maze.

So, we thought it would be a great idea to create another fun word game for kids to use during classroom Valentine’s parties or at home during a family game night in honor of Valentine’s day.

Whichever way you plan to use this free Valentine’s day word scramble we know it’ll be loads of fun.

This Valentine’s day word scramble game is the perfect activity for older children in the upper elementary grades, middle or even high school.

This printable worksheet is a great choice for kiddos who like word games like word searches or crossword puzzles.

Continue reading to get more information about our Valentine unscramble worksheet.

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Free Printable Valentine Unscramble Worksheet

valentine unscramble worksheet

This word scramble puzzle contains 17 valentine themed words that need to be unscrambled.

The word bank includes a variety of long and short words that encourage using problem solving skills to unscramble letters and uncover Valentine themed words.

Our free printable word scramble for Valentine’s day contains vocabulary words that are more on the challenging side.

As a result we don’t recommend using this Valentine unscramble worksheet with children below the third grade.

If using in the classroom or as part of lesson plans consider pairing stronger and weaker students together to make this game fun but not frustrating.

Games shouldn’t be frustrating so we definitely don’t recommend this type of activity for kids in first grade.

The goal of this game is putting the letter in each word in the correct order. We’ve also included an answer sheet to help nudge you along should you get stuck.

When To Use A Valentine Unscramble Worksheet

Our free printable Valentine word scramble is a fun activity for home or classroom use.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use it. Each of these social situations is a great way to use a word scramble game and introduce kids to new words.

  • At school as part of a lesson plan (works quite well in social studies or language arts)
  • On bulletin boards as part of your Valentine’s day decor
  • As an after school activity in daycare
  • At youth group meetings like scouts or girl guides
  • During classroom Valentine parties
  • At Valentine’s day events at home
  • As a boredom buster or brain break to unwind after a long day

Alternate Play Ideas

Valentine Unscramble Worksheet

If you’re planning to use this Valentine unscramble worksheet in the classroom or at a party we have a few fun suggestions for you to make these puzzles even more fun.

Here are a couple of ways to transform our Valentine’s day word scramble into a really fun party game.

  • Create teams – splitting players into teams instantly boosts the fun. Kids will need to work together to finish the puzzle making it more fun than completing this Valentine scramble worksheet free printable as a solo activity.
  • Use big paper sizes – print on extra large paper to create an interactive play area for kids to play against each other in class.
  • Use a timer – adding a timer quickly turns a word puzzle game into a fun race against the clock. We suggest this party game cube timer available from Amazon.
  • Give winners a prize – give players an incentive to win with some neat Valentine’s themed party game prizes.

More Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas

Final Thoughts

We really enjoyed creating this Valentine unscramble worksheet in honor of Valentine’s day.

A great choice for teachers and parents this word scramble worksheet would make a great addition to the classroom or any gathering at home.

Whether you are looking for a fun family activity or a fun classroom activity for a bunch of kids in middle or high school, this free printable Valentine’s day word scramble is a great choice.

Make it a Valentine party and create a bundle with a few of our other free printables and free worksheets including: Valentine word search, I Spy game and heart maze.

If you do plan to use our Valentine themed word scrambler, we’d love to hear about it.

Get in touch with us via social media (Facebook and/or Pinterest) so we can see our Valentine unscramble worksheet in action.

 💗 Happy Valentine’s Day! 💗

Download Instructions & Links

For best printing results, we highly recommend printing our Valentine unscramble worksheet on high quality white cardstock. You can buy it at your local print shop or online via Amazon. If you plan to go the Amazon route we highly suggest bright white Astrobrite cardstock for printing.

To download simply click on the download link down below. The Valentine unscramble worksheet is a pdf file which will either open in a new window or in adobe reader if you have it installed. From there you can hit the printer icon and print as many copies of our Valentine unscramble worksheet and answer key as you need.

Please note that all our free printables including our Valentine unscramble worksheet is for non-commercial personal use only. This means that our free printable scrambled word activity cannot be reproduced, modified or altered in any way. To read our full terms of use please see our terms of use.

Valentine unscramble worksheet – pdf file.

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