Free Valentines Bingo Printable (24 Fun Valentine Themed Cards)

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Here is an adorable free Valentines bingo printable with 24 unique bingo cards. A really fun activity for classroom parties or for some Valentine’s day fun at home during a game night.

Valentines Bingo Printable

Valentines day bingo

We love creating free printables and printable games for every holiday season and all different holidays.

So, with Valentine’s day right around the corner we’ve been really busy creating a variety of free games and Valentine’s day activities that are perfect for younger children during a classroom Valentine’s day party or at home for a fun family game night.

We’ve already created a Valentine’s Day I Spy, a fun heart maze, a free Valentine’s themed word search and word scramble.

So, we’re really excited to add a free Valentines bingo printable to our collection of fun game ideas for kids of all ages to enjoy for Valentine’s day.

Whether you’re planning a classroom party, hosting a Valentine’s day party for your kiddos friends or want to spend a little quality time playing a classic game of bingo with the family this Valentines bingo printable is a great choice.

Continue reading to find out more information about our Valentines bingo printable including how to play, game alternatives, small prize ideas and download/print instructions.

In a rush? If you’re looking to get access to your instant download right away simply scroll to the bottom of this post to get your free printable Valentine’s bingo game.

About Our Valentines Bingo Printable

Valentines bingo printable

Our Valentines bingo printable is modeled on a traditional 5 x 5 bingo game with a free space in the middle.

Each Valentines bingo printable bundle comes with 24 different cards in addition to 2 sets printable calling cards for a total of 28 pages.

So, our Valentines bingo printable is a great game choice for a large group of up to 24 players but can also be used in small groups of 2 or more players.

With a free space in the middle, each of our printable cards contains a unique combination of 24 Valentine themed images.

The images included in our free printable valentine bingo cards are a random combination of the following images:

  • February 14th
  • Hot cocoa
  • Love potion
  • Valentine cupcake
  • Love letter
  • Kiss
  • Sweet message
  • Love birds
  • Locket
  • Valentine’s day balloons
  • Cupid’s arrow
  • Love
  • Heart glasses
  • Chocolate
  • Teddy bear
  • Valentine’s day gift
  • Valentine
  • Champagne
  • Chocolate box
  • Love messages
  • Love in a bottle
  • Rings
  • Heart with arrow
  • Love light bulb
  • Hot cocoa for two
  • Rainbow
  • Open box of chocolates
  • I Love you Valentine
  • Cutie cam
  • Necklace with locket
  • You are a QT
  • Bouquet of flowers
  • Cupid
  • I Love you teddy bear
  • Ring
  • Valentine’s cake
  • Strawberries
  • Time 4 love
  • Be mine hot air balloon
  • Rose

Each of our Valentines day bingo cards are different which means that you can use our unique cards to play blackout or full card bingo without more than one winner with these game cards.

See even more alternate bingo game play ideas below for even more fun ways to use our Valentines bingo printable.

How To Play Valentine’s Day Bingo

Valentines bingo printable

If you are playing with less than 24 players then each player will get different bingo cards making it possible to play full card or black out bingo with only one winner.

If you are playing with more than 24 players simply print a second set of our free Valentine’s day bingo cards so you have enough cards for each player.

In this case you can still play blackout or full-card bingo but will have more than one winner since you are using duplicate bingo boards.

Once you’ve printed a copy of our free printable bingo cards including 2 sets of calling cards you can begin setting up your game.

First, cut out your calling cards along the solid line.

Once the calling cards are cut you should have 40 unique Valentine themed images.

Put your cut out calling cards in a paper bag or bowl and reserve the second set of calling cards for game play.

Give each player excluding the bingo caller their own bingo cards and have them mark their free space with a bingo marker of your choice.

The bingo caller then begins picking one card at a time from the bag or bowl and calls it out to players by describing the image.

Players who have the corresponding image on their bingo card can mark it using a bingo marker.

If you are playing a simple game of bingo then the first person to get a line Bingos!

You can then continue playing on the same card for blackout our full card bingo or start a new game altogether by removing bingo markers and starting over.

How you choose to play is completely up to you.

Tip* Have the bingo caller use the second calling sheet you printed to keep track of which items have been called by placing your card on the corresponding image on the calling card.

What You’ll Need To Play Valentines Bingo

To play bingo with our Valentines bingo printable you’ll need to the following:

  • 1 copy of our printable Valentine’s day bingo game (including 24 unique game cards and 2 sets of calling cards)
  • Scissors for cutting out the calling cards
  • Paper bag or bowl
  • Bingo markers (check out some Valentine themed markers that are lots of fun below)
  • Small game prizes to give winners.

Bingo Game Alternatives

Valentines bingo printable game

One of the fun things about playing bingo with our Valentines bingo printable is that you can incorporate some fun bingo game alternatives to make the game even more exciting.

Bingo game alternatives are a great way to raise the challenge level of a free printable bingo game.

Here are a few of our favorite bingo game alternatives that you can opt to use while playing our free printable Valentines bingo game.

  • Heart: perfect for this Valentine’s themed game a player bingos when they for a heart shape on their card
  • 4 corners: player bingos when they are able to mark each of the 4 corners
  • Postage stamp: a player wins if they are able to mark a 2×2 square in any of the corners
  • Blackout bingo: also called full card, a player wins if they are able to mark every box on during a round of bingo (see our FAQ for more information about this)
  • X shape: a player bingos when they create an x shape with 2 lines that cross through the free space
  • T shape: a player wins when they are able to mark boxes that form a letter T with the free space in the middle
  • Letter L: a player wins when they are able to make a letter L
  • Confetti: a player bingos when they create a 3-2-3 pattern down their bingo card
  • Arrow: a player bingos when they create an arrow shape by marking boxes in the direction of the arrow up, down, right or left
  • BNO “Bingo”: The first player to cover lines B, N, O vertically Bingos!

Tip* Use multiple bingo game alternatives when playing bingo games with older kids to keep things fun and exciting.

Bingo Marker Ideas

To make our free Valentines bingo printable game even more festive you can opt to use fun and creative bingo markers like candy, erasers or chocolate.

Here are a few of our favorite Valentine themed bingo marker alternatives that would work really well with our free Valentine bingo cards.

Bingo Prize Ideas

Offering winners a small prize is a fun way to make playing bingo lots of fun for everyone who is playing.

Little kids get especially excited by the idea of winning a prize which really boosts the fun and energy level while you are playing this free Valentine’s day game.

Here are some fun game prize ideas we recommend:

Final Thoughts

This Valentine’s day game was so much fun to create and is the perfect game for a variety of Valentine’s themed events.

We hope you plan to add it to your Valentine’s day festivities whether it’s for class parties at school or home use.

We always love seeing our free printable games in action. So, we’d love to hear from you if you do plan to use our free printable Valentine bingo game.

So, snap a picture and share it with us on social media like Facebook or Pinterest.

❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play Valentines Day Bingo?

Playing bingo with our Valentines bingo printable is simple. Print a copy of our Valentines bingo printable, cut your calling cards, distribute a game card to each player and have fun!

Are the Valentine’s bingo cards unique?

Yes. Every bingo card in our Valentines bingo printable bundle is unique. This means you can play blackout or full card bingo without having more than one winner.

What kind of prizes can I give winners?

Prizes are a fun way to make this Valentines bingo printable even more fun. Small game prizes like Valentine’s day treats, fidget toys or slime would make great prize ideas. Candy and chocolate is always a fun idea too!

We are more than 24 players can we still play?

Yes. If you are planning to play with more than 24 players we suggest printing a second copy of our Valentines bingo printable bundle.

If you do play with more than 24 players and need to print a second copy your cards will no-longer be unique. This means that if you plan to play blackout or full card bingo you will have more than one winner.

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Download & Print Instructions

For best results we suggest printing our free Valentines bingo printable in color and on high quality white card stock paper (we like this Astrobrite cardstock available on Amazon). If you do not have access to a color printer you can visit a local print shop to print your free download.

Please note that all our free printables including games and activities are for non-commercial personal use only. This means that you cannot modify, alter, reproduce or sell any of our free printables.

To download, simply click on the link below to open your free Valentine bingo printable in a new window.

From there you can opt to save the pdf file to your computer or print.

Free Valentines bingo printable – pdf file

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