Cute Free Printable Play-Doh Valentine Cards

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The kids will have a blast celebrating Valentine’s day with these cute free printable Play-Doh Valentine cards they can distribute to their friends and classmates.

Free Printable Play-Doh Valentine Cards

Free Printable Play-Doh Valentine Cards

With Valentine’s day right around the corner my daughter has been itching to start creating a fun and unique Valentine card for her classmates.

They have a classroom party every February to celebrate Valentine’s day where they exchange Valentine cards and play Valentine’s games like Bingo.

So, I knew I had to come up with a clever idea that her classmates would love.

Last year we created a little valentine gift bag and filled it with a few small gift ideas and candy we found at our local dollar store.

But, this year I wanted to get a little innovative and come up with a cute idea that incorporates things most first graders love.

My daughter and I put our heads together and come up with these fun free printable Play-Doh Valentine cards.

According to my 7 year old, her classmates absolute favorite thing to do each week is play with Play-Doh and playdough mats! So, I knew we had to incorporate some Play-Doh in our Valentine craft this year.

We came up with a fun printable Valentine’s day idea that incorporates Play-Doh and would make great alternatives to candy and chocolate for kids of all ages this Valentine’s Day.

These free printable Play-Doh Valentine cards have quickly become one of our favorite kids Valentine ideas yet!

This was an easy craft that we really enjoyed making together. It is a great idea for gifting classmates a small Valentine’s day gift in honor of the most romantic day of the year.

They would also make great party favors if you are planning on hosting a Valentine’s day party.

Keep on reading to find out how to download these free printable Play-Doh Valentine cards and create your own non-candy valentines this year!

Free Printable Play-Doh Valentine Cards

Free Printable Play-Doh Valentine Cards

Our free printable Play-Doh Valentine cards are a free download and can be used to create Play-Doh Valentines for friends, family members and even entire classrooms who are celebrating Valentine’s day.

Our Play Doh valentine printable comes with 2 unique printable cards in a cute Valentine’s day theme.

The first cute printable Valentine’s card is “you are won-doh-ful” while the second is a you are a-doh-able valentines card. They are both an adorable play on words using the word “doh”.

Each free Valentine file contains 2 fun Valentine cards that can be printed on a standard size page that measures 8.5 x 11 inches.

Our free printable Play-Doh Valentine cards can be used to create non-candy Valentines.

Or, you can add a small chocolate like we did to add small treat to your printable Valentine’s cards. This is totally optional though.

Kids tend to get loads of candy and chocolate on Valentine’s day. So, it’s totally understandable to want to go with a totally non-candy option. A non-candy option is also a great option for schools that have food restrictions due to allergies.

Either way, our free printable Play-Doh Valentine cards are a great way to celebrate Valentine’s day with younger and older kids.

What You’ll Need

Free Printable Play-Doh Valentine Cards

Here are the craft supplies you’ll need to create our free printable Play-Doh Valentine cards.

Most of these items are available via Amazon if you want the convenience of home delivery. Otherwise, hit up your local dollar tree or craft shop to pick up what you’ll need.

Colorful cardstock – we used standard size 8.5 x 11 inch Astrobrite cardstock to print our free printable Valentine cards. (white cardstock would work well too if you want a monochromatic look)

Scissors – for cutting out your Valentine cards. An xacto knife would work well too. Having said that, we don’t advise using an xacto with young children for obvious reasons.

Pencil – you’ll need a pencil to trace the circle for your Play Dough tubs.

Play-Doh – we used 4 oz Play-Doh containers to create our free printable Play-Doh Valentine cards. If you’re creating Valentine cards for an entire class we suggest purchasing a party pack on Amazon to save some money. The Play-Doh party pack comes with 48 different tubs in a variety of different colors.

Tape – clear plastic tape helps fasten the Valentine card to each of the Play-Doh tubs.

Glue gun – hot glue is needed to glue your chocolate hearts to your Play-Doh lids. We love our Gorilla Glue gun. Obviously, kids need to be supervised when using a glue gun so use with caution.

Chocolate candy hearts – this optional touch adds a little treat to each free Play-Doh Valentine by hot gluing an individually wrapped chocolate heart to the lid of each tub of Play-Doh.

How To Make Our Free Printable Play-Doh Valentine Cards

Free Printable Play-Doh Valentine Cards

Step 1 – Print Your Valentine cards on colorful cardstock paper. Once printed cut out each individual Valentine card by cutting along the outside of the dotted lines.

Remove the lid of one of your Play-Doh tubs and flip it face down on each card. Trace a circle using a pencil. You’ll use that circle as a guide for cutting holes in the next step.

Free Printable Play-Doh Valentine Cards

Step 2 – Cut out each circle to create the hole to insert your tubs of Play-doh into your Valentine.

We poked a pencil through the middle of the circle to make starting the cutting process easier.

Free Printable Play-Doh Valentine Cards

Step 3 – Insert 1 Play Doh tub into each cut-out circle.

If your Valentine card drops down you can use clear tape to fasten the card to the Play-Doh tub.

Flip over the Valentine card and use 2 pieces of tape to secure the card in place.

Free Printable Play-Doh Valentine Cards

Step 4 – this final step is optional a nice touch.

We chose to attach an individually wrapped milk-chocolate heart to each Play-Doh Valentine.

Use your hot glue gun to place a bead of hot glue on the back of each chocolate heart and then press firmly onto your Play-Doh tub to secure it in place.

Download & Print Instructions

Free printable Play-Doh Valentine Cards – Downloadable PDF files

To download you free printable Play-Doh Valentine cards simply click on the download link above.

The pdf document containing your Play-Dough Valentine card template will open in a new window. Print as many copies of the cards as you need.

Final Thoughts

We loved creating a little gift for my daughter’s classmates in honor of Valentine’s Day using these free printable Valentine cards we created.

It was a fun and creative idea that we really enjoyed making together.

Cute and simple to make, these free printable Valentine’s day cards create fun play dough Valentines that kids will love to receive!

The best part? This is one of those fun crafts you can make with your kiddo to get really excited about Valentine’s day and spend some real quality time together!

We’d love to see your creation if you plan to make some Play-Doh Valentine’s too! Reach out to us on Facebook to show us your version of our free printable Play-Doh Valentine cards!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 💌❤️🥰 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I modify your Play-Doh kids Valentine?

No. Our free printable play-doh Valentine cards do not come with an editable file. These free printable Valentine cards are for personal use only.

This means that they are free to download but cannot be modified, altered, reproduced or sold in anyway. Commercial use of our free printables is prohibited.

Can I use different size play-doh tubs?

You sure can. Since the actual size of the hole in each Valentine card is traced you can use any size tub of play-doh you want.

These free printable Play-Doh Valentine cards can be made using mini Play Doh tubs as well. This is usually a 1 oz jar.

Remember to remove the lid of your Play-Doh container when you trace your circle. If you trace your circle using the lid your holes will be far too large and you wont be able to get your card to stay in place.

Do you have any other free printable Valentine’s day cards?

Yes we do! Check out this adorable “you make my heart race” Valentine’s day card you can make for kids.

Do you have any other free printables for Valentine’s Day?

We sure do! We have a free printable Valentines day I Spy game, Valentine’s Bingo, heart maze printable and a Valentine’s day word search designed specifically for kids. It’s a fun activity and one of those cute ideas that you can use at home or in the classroom to celebrate Valentine’s day with kids of all ages.

I still have questions, how can I get in touch with you?

You have a couple of options. You can leave a comment down below with a valid email address or you can reach out to us via social media. We are easy to get in touch with on Facebook and also by email.

Can I print your free printable Play-Doh Valentine cards in black and white?

These Valentine’s Day cards were created in black and white and intended to be printed on colorful card stock.

But, if you prefer to print them on white paper and make them truly monochrome you totally can.

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