End of Year memory Book For Kids (8 Free Printables)

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This end of year memory book activity is a great way to create a special keepsake of special moments and favorite things at the end of the school year. 

​Our end-of-year memory book is a wonderful way for a child to write down their favorite memories before leaving for summer vacation.

End of Year memory Book For Kids (8 Free Printables)

End Of Year Memory Book

With only a handful of school days left before summer vacation we wanted to share this great end of year memory book with our readers.

This fun activity is the perfect way for children of all ages to write down all their special memories in a meaningful way before heading out on break for the summer.

​Our end of year memory book also makes a great activity for teachers to use in the last week of school. 

Students in all grade levels will enjoy completing these end of year memory book activities. Spread the journal-style pages out over the last weeks of school to create a beautiful keepsake children can take home to show their family members when school is out.

Or, use this end of the year activity at home during the summer with your children to create a great memento of their school year that they can look back on as they get older. 

​Our daughter has created an end of year memory book for every grade level since her first year of school – we have so much fun flipping through her end of year memory pages and reminiscing about her field trips, teachers and class family.

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​What You’ll Need

end of year memory book for kids

Making an end of year memory book requires very little in the way of supplies. 

Here are some basic things you should have handy. These items can be purchased online from Amazon or at your local Target Dollar Spot or Dollar Tree.

  • A copy of our end of year memory book – the pdf file for the end of year memory book pages are located at the bottom of this post. Scroll to the very bottom and look for a box that reads “Download Link”
  • Printer and high quality card stock paper – we use this cardstock paper for our crafts and activities and we love it. It makes our final products far more durable. Since you want this end of year memory book to last we highly recommend investing in cardstock.
  • Washable markers, coloring pencils, wax crayons – children can use any coloring tools them want.
  • Pencil and eraser for filling in the written part of this end of year memory book activity.
  • Duo-tang or stapler for binding your printed book together.

​What You Get

Each end of year memory book comes with 8 unique themed pages.

Each pdf file contains the following template pages:

end of year memory book for kids

Front cover that clearly displays the student’s name. Children should write their name on the line provided and spend time coloring and decorating their cover page. 

end of year memory book for kids

About me page where children will put personal information like their name, age, grade, school and what they enjoy most about school. There’s also a small frame for a cute self-portrait.

Another great option is to glue the child’s school photo in the space rather than draw a picture.

end of year memory book for kids

My teacher page where students need to write their teachers name along with some fun facts. We’ve included a frame for students to draw a picture of their teacher. 

end of year memory book for kids

My class template for writing down all the members of their class family. There’s also four frames for naming their silliest, funniest, cutest and nicest classmate! 

end of year memory book for kids

Memories page where children are asked to write about the good times they have had at school.

From describing their favorite field trip and funniest moment to writing down what and who they played at recess, this page collects some of their most treasured memories. 

end of year memory book for kids

Year in review page is a questionnaire that asks loads of questions about the past year.

From naming their favorite food and book to writing down their pastimes and weekend hobbies, this template is an age specific time capsule of their likes and dislikes.

end of year memory book for kids

Accomplishments page where children can boast about their hard work and successes!

Each badge asks children to highlight a moment where they excelled.

We’ve included everything from being brave and trying new foods to improvement and acts of kindness!

end of year memory book for kids

Summer bucket list where students fill in the bucket filler cards with activities they want to do over the summer.

A great way for students to plan to read new books, focus on practicing a sport, being creative or learning a new instrument – all wonderful screen free activities!

Download & Print Instructions

To print our end of year memory book simply click on the download link located at the very bottom of this blog post.

For best results, we highly recommend printing on high quality cardstock (we recommend this product that is available from amazon). 

Our end of year memory book was created in pdf format in standard 8.5 x 11 letter size and in portrait orientation.

Once you’ve clicked on the download link the pdf document containing the digital version of this activity will open in a new window.

Use print preview to confirm that the document will print correctly on your end. If the margins appear to get cut off you can reduce the scale to 90%. 

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This end of year memory book was so much fun to develop and create. We love how these printable memory books  can be used to help children create a sentimental time capsule of their last school year! 

From their favorite field trip to grade specific details about their teacher and classmates, this end of year memory book is a clever way to remember the most important highlights from school.

A great choice for children in all elementary grades, our end of year memory book is one of the best end of the year activities for kids of all ages. 

​If you do plan to use this in your classroom as an end of the year memory book page activity, we’d love to see the finished product.

Snap a photo and reach out to us on our social (our Facebook page is your best bet) to show us! We may even share your unique students’ memory books on our site!

Got a question? Feel free to drop us a comment down below using a valid email address so we can get back to you as soon as possible. We do our very best to answer all the questions we receive from our readers.

​Have a wonderful, safe and restful summer holiday! 

End Of Year Memory Book
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