Free Summer Bingo Printable (18 Game Cards For Kids)

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Our fun summer bingo printable is a great way to celebrate the summer season.

This free summer bingo is a free download that comes with 18 different cards making it a fun game for classrooms, BBQs or even a summer birthday party.

summer bingo printable

​Summer Bingo Printable

Summer vacation is right around the corner. So, we wanted to add a summer bingo printable to our collection of fun bingo game cards. Bingo games are so much fun for the whole family – it’s one of our favorite screen free activities!

These free printable bingo cards are so much fun for young children with their bright colors and festive summery images. 

And, with 18 unique cards this summer bingo printable is a fun activity for any type of summer party including an end of year party at school, BBQs, a pool party, cookouts, summer camps, playdates and much more.

Our free printable comes with 18 free printable summer bingo cards. So, if you are playing with a larger group then plan to double up or print a second set of our summer themed bingo cards to have enough copies for everyone.

What You Get

summer bingo printable

Each free printable summer bingo game comes with the following:

  • 18 different bingo cards in a summer theme – the download link in pdf format can be found at the bottom of this post
  • 2 calling cards – 1 calling card will need to be cut into squares and the other will be used to keep track of which items have been called while you play
  • Sea shell game markers – print as many copies of our free bingo markers as you’ll need so that each player has plenty to use on their playing card. If you plan to play full card bingo you’ll need to print a handful of copies to make sure there are enough. You’ll need about 25 markers per person.

Supplies You’ll Need

  • A color printer and high quality card stock paper
  • Bingo markers – see next section of this blog post for some fun ideas for bingo markers
  • Prizes – small prize ideas like fidget spinners, gift cards or candy make the game more fun for players (optional) 
  • Self laminating sheets make these free bingo cards durable for repeat use (optional)

Bingo Marker Options

  • Natural options: Sea shells, rocks, pebbles
  • Candy: Hershey chocolates, Swedish fish, gummy bears
  • Non candy options – mini erasers, pom poms, bingo chips, coins
  • Bingo daubers – dot markers, bingo markers, dry erase markers, bingo stamps

Summer Fun Images

summer bingo printable
summer bingo printable

Our free summer bingo printable was created using images that represent the best the summer months have to offer. They are a fun way to celebrate all the wonderful activities and events we experience during the summer.

Each of these colorful and fun images represent summer days and all the fun families have during summer break.

Each of our game boards contains a random combination of these fun things with a free space in the center.

  • Sun
  • Sun screen
  • Surf board
  • Snorkel
  • Sea shell
  • Sun glasses
  • Star fish
  • Sun hat
  • Pineapple
  • Lemonade
  • Crab
  • Palm tree
  • Beach bag
  • Bikini
  • Beach ball 
  • Watermelon
  • Fish
  • Beach umbrella
  • Baseball cap
  • Sail boat
  • Pool floatie
  • Sand castle
  • Popsicle
  • Kite
  • Swim trunks
  • Ice cream cone 
  • Sand bucket
  • Cocktail
  • Beach towel
  • Sea gull

How To Setup An Animal Bingo Game

summer bingo printable

Step 1: Download and print a copy of our free summer bingo printable. Make sure your printer settings are set to print in color and in portrait orientation. For best results we suggest using high quality double thick card stock paper. The download link for our free summer bingo printable is located at the bottom of this post.

Step 2: Cut out the different bingo boards. Each bingo card was created in 5 x 7 size. So, you can cut them to size or leave them full page. It’s up to you.

Step 3: Cut out one call sheet into squares. You should have 25 colorful summer images when you are done. Place them in a small paper bag, bowl or jar so you can pull them out in random order as you play. Give them a good shake before starting to play.

Step 4:  Cut out all your sea shell bingo markers and give each player a handful of markers before starting the game.

Step 5: Give each player a bingo game board and start playing – the first player to get a straight line, magic T, 4 corners or full card BINGOS! See more bingo game options below.

​Struggling to download? Make sure you have the latest version of google chrome installed.

More Bingo Printable Games

Enjoyed our summer bingo printable? Check out these bingo games for even more fun.

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Halloween bingo – a spooky bingo game perfect for Halloween parties at home or in the classroom

Valentine’s day bingo – celebrate the romance of Valentine’s day with a couple of rounds of Valentine’s bingo!

4th of July bingo – a patriotic bingo game great for BBQs and cookouts in honor of Independence day.

Birthday bingo – our favorite birthday party game for kids! The first child to bingo wins a small prize to make things even more fun.

Earth day bingo – celebrate Earth day with this environmental awareness bingo game.

Christmas bingo – festive and fun this holiday bingo is loads of fun around Christmastime.

Super Bowl bingo – a fun activity to play with the family on Super Bowl Sunday.

Bingo Game Alternatives

In addition to traditional one line bingo you can play a variety of these bingo game alternatives to make our summer bingo printable game even more interesting. 

Here are some other bingo game options to keep children entertained. 

  • 4 corners: The first person to cover the four corners of their bingo card template bingos!
  • X Pattern: The first person to find a row of 5 items in an X pattern wins.
  • Blackout: Players continue until someone finds every symbol on their bingo card and covers it completely. This is also referred to as a blackout or full card. 
  • Postage stamp: The first person to get a 2×2 square in any of the corners Bingos!
  • Arrow: The first player to create an arrow shape wins the game.
  • BNO: The first player to cover lines B, N, O vertically Bingos!

Can I Play With More People?

summer bingo printable
summer bingo printable

There are 18 cards in our summer bingo printable bundle making it a great choice for smaller groups. Each of the 18 cards are unique – so, it’s possible to play blackout or full card bingo with one winner.

If you plan to play with more than 18 people then plan to print a second copy of our summer bingo printable. If that’s the case then it’s possible that two or more players have similar cards. So plan ahead if you are intending to give prizes.

How To Print 

This summer bingo printable was created so that the cards print in 5 x7  inch size. That means that each card in this board game will need to be cut before starting to play.

To download, simply click on the pdf file located at the bottom of this post. The instant download digital file will open in a new window in Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

For best results we highly recommend using the print preview function to make sure that this summer themed bingo looks right before hitting print.  

If the document looks too big or too small simply adjust the printable features so that the scale is set between 90-100%.

We created this great game in color but you can also print it in black and white if you don’t have access to a color printer. 

More Summer Activities

Here are a few of our favorite fun activities and summer printables for young kids that are a great idea during summertime. 

Camping crafts for kids – such a good idea for kids who love the great outdoors. Our daughters 3rd grade class loved making a variety of these crafts at school.

Surfboard craft – kids can create their own colorful surfboard using these free printable templates.

Pool float craft– the best end of year craft idea for kids before they leave on summer vacation.

Sidewalk chalk art – this is one of our favorite fun summer activities. It’s one of our favorite ways to get outside and be creative.

Camping word search – a great free printable for early finishers who need some independent work.

Summer word search –  this word puzzle is the perfect way to learn summer vocabulary words with children in 1st grade and older.

Mud kitchen recipes – making mud pies is always on our summer bucket list. Playing with dirt works on good stuff like fine motor skills! Our 2nd grade daughter still loves this activity.

Coloring pages – a big collection of free printable coloring pages for kids

Free summer bucket list –  a free printable loaded with neat activities families can do over the summer break.

DIY Backyard ideas for kids – there are so many great game and DIY ideas in this post!

Tic Tac Toe game – this free printable tic tac toe is one of our most popular free printables.

We hope you have a fun time using our summer bingo printable. Whether you’re hosting an end of the year party for young children or for older children in middle school or high school we know everyone will have a great time. 

We’d love to see our summer game in action! Snap a picture and reach out to us by email or on social media like our Facebook page to show us our printable cards in action! 

Got a question? Drop us a comment with a valid email address down below and we’ll do our very best to get back to you. 

Download Links

Summer Bingo Printable – pdf file

free printable summer bingo game for kids

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