Free Printable Elf Surveillance Letter (2 Handy Versions)

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Our free printable elf surveillance letter printables are a great way to let your child know about both their bad and good behavior.

Whether you want to give your child a naughty list warning or reward their best behavior during the holiday season our free printable letters from the North Pole are an easy way to let them know their Elf is watching during this time of year.

free printable elf surveillance letter

Free Printable Elf Surveillance Letter

If Elf On The Shelf is part of your family holiday bucket list tradition starting December 1st then you may you want to use of our free printable Elf surveillance letter templates this season. 

We started the elf on the shelf traditions years ago and our daughter looks forward to all the fun ideas her elf comes up with every day.

Or, should I say she looks forward to seeing what elf on the shelf ideas mom and dad come up with every day 😉

From neat elf on the shelf arrival letter ideas to goodbye letters and fun setups, we love scouring Facebook groups for neat new ideas.

Elf on the shelf has really become one of our families favorite holiday traditions. My wonderful husband and I are always hunting for fun elf ideas to mix things up!

We do know that kids can sometimes be a little unruly though too.

So, if you’ve found yourself here looking for free Elf on the shelf printables to give your child an official warning from your scout elf then you’ve come to the right place.

We created two elf on the shelf letters that you can use as a gentle reminder that kids are about to fall off the nice list or a little note to praise good deeds for kids of all ages.

When To Use A Free Printable Elf Surveillance Letter

free printable elf surveillance letter

When you plan to use our free printable elf surveillance letter is completely up to you. 

Some folks don’t mind using an elf on the shelf bad behavior letter to give their child a naughty list warning while others are completely against it.

So, we decided to make a second letter that rewards good deeds and behavior too. 

These free elf printables add a little extra magic to the elf on the shelf experience.

Whether you plan to use our free custom elf warning letter or reward letter these free printable letters are a great way to encourage kids to stay on Santa’s nice list this holiday season.

How To Use Free Printable Elf Surveillance Letters

free printable elf surveillance letter

Our elf reports are both easy to download and use.  

Once you’ve downloaded your free printable elf surveillance letter you can make it an official letter by filing in certain bits of information. 

The instant download link can be found at the very bottom of this post.

Each personalized letter requires that you fill in the following details:

  • the date
  • notice number (make this number up!)
  • your child’s name
  • description of behavior (there’s one good elf letters or bad elf letters for kids risking to be put on Santa’s naughty list)
  • seen by (this is where you’d put your family’s elf’s name. If you have a new elf make sure to name it before using one of these letters.)

At the very bottom the letter is approved by the head elf at Santa’s workshop and signed off by Father Christmas himself!

You can use this free printable elf surveillance letter however you wish.

One fun way is to follow the traditional Christmas elf on the shelf rules and use the letter when you move your scout elf to a new place overnight. 

What’s Included In Our Printable Bundle

free printable elf surveillance letter

Our free printable elf surveillance letter contains 2 different letters.

After downloading our pdf file you’ll receive:

Free Good Behavior Letter

Perfect for rewarding a child who has been on their best behavior.

Fill in the letter and have your little elf praise them for their good deeds.

We like to also bring a free gift or small token of appreciation from our elf when we use a good behavior letter.

Free Elf Warning Letter

For children who need a little reminder that their behavior can get them on the naughty list.

Print and fill in this free printable elf surveillance letter to remind kids of all ages that their scout elf is always watching.

How To Download

​Downloading our free printable elf surveillance letter is simple.

Click on the instant download link down below to download both free printable elf surveillance letters at the same time.

Both the good behavior and bad behavior elf warning letter come together in one convenient pdf file.

Once you’ve clicked, the pdf file should open in a new window where you will be able to print your free document.

For best results, we highly recommend printing our free printable elf surveillance letter in color ink and on standard size US letter card stock.

Although not necessary, printing in color does help make the free printable elf surveillance letter more festive and official. But, if you do not have color ink you can go ahead and print in black and white too.

Please note that all our free printables, printable templates, digital download worksheets, svg file packs and free template files are for personal use only. This means that you can use them at home or in your classroom. They cannot be modified, altered or sold. See our terms of use for more information.

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Before You Go

This free printable elf surveillance letter is an office letter from the north pole notifying kids of their good or bad behavior.

Whether you’re rewarding a child for good behavior like a stellar report card or giving naughty list warnings, we know these elf letters are a fun little tradition to take on during the Christmas season.

We’d love to see your free elf surveillance warning letter in action. So, snap a picture of your elf on the shelf warning letter and reach out to use to show us on our socials! (Facebook is your best bet)

Don’t forget to bookmark us so you can keep up with all the new freebies we share! 

Got a question? Drop us a comment down below with a valid email address so we can get in touch with you.

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free printable elf surveillance letter

free printable elf surveillance letter – pdf file

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