Christmas Lights Bingo printable (#1 Free festive Holiday Activity)

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Our Christmas lights bingo printable is a festive and fun party game for holiday parties or quiet nights at home! Download and print our free Christmas lights bingo game cards to play with your friends and family at Christmas time. 

free Christmas lights bingo printable

Christmas Lights Bingo Printable

Looking for a fun and festive party game to play with your friends and the whole family this Christmas season?

Look no further than this free Christmas lights bingo printable that we created! It’s one of our favorite family tradition and it’s always on our Christmas bucket list!

This Christmas lights bingo printable is a big hit with young and old alike. 

And, with 24 unique bingo cards this Christmas lights bingo game is a great holiday activity for small or large groups.

We love this Christmas lights bingo printable because it helps get party guests into the festive holiday spirit while out on a walk of the neighborhood.

Plus, playing Christmas lights bingo is super simple! (We’ll get to that further down in this post). 

This Christmas lights bingo game is so much fun that we know this fun activity will become one of those favorite Christmas traditions you’ll want to do every holiday season.

** Found yourself here looking for a traditional Christmas Bingo game? No problem, we’ve got one of those too. Check our our free 24 page Christmas Bingo bundle.

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What is Christmas Lights Bingo?

Our Christmas lights bingo printable is a fun little game that is a cross between a scavenger hunt and a traditional Christmas bingo game

It’s one of those game ideas that will quickly become a favorite family tradition.

This Christmas lights bingo game is a festive Christmas event that the whole family will love. 

During the game, players will be searching for different Christmas light displays and holiday decorations while they are out on a walk.

The first person to get bingo by spotting all of the pieces on their card wins!

How do you play Christmas Lights Bingo?

Christmas Lights Bingo Printable
Christmas lights Bingo printable

Unlike traditional bingo that is played with numbers or images, our Christmas lights bingo printable is a festive party game that is played by spotting various Christmas lights and Christmas decorations while on a walk around the neighborhood.

To play the game, simply print out as many copies of our free Christmas lights bingo printable cards as you need (one bingo sheet for each player). 

Then, when you’re ready to play, have your party guests bundle up and head outside for a decoration and Christmas light scavenger hunt in your neighborhood.

For example, when you see a north pole sign, a Mrs Claus decoration or a gingerbread boy you check it off your bingo card. First person to get a line Bingos!

Players can use a pencil, pen, marker or bingo daubers to check off each item as they find it on their bingo board while they are out walking. The first person to get a line on their card and shout “Bingo!” is the winner.

You can reward winners with a small prize (see some of our favorite prize suggestions below) or simply let them enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they won!

Either way, this Christmas lights scavenger hunt printable game is sure to be a big hit with party guests of all ages.

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Tips for Playing Christmas Lights Bingo

Here are a few tips to make playing Christmas lights bingo even more fun:

Make it a team effort

To make things more festive and encourage a little friendly competition, consider splitting your party guests into teams. This is a great way to get everyone involved and make the game even more fun.

Play more than one round

To keep the game going and add a little extra fun, you can play multiple rounds by giving players a new and different bingo cards after each round. This way everyone has a chance to win and everyone gets to see even more decorations! (Scroll down to see some alternate bingo card suggestions).

Give a prize

Make things even more fun by giving out prizes for the winners of each round. Small toys, gift cards or Christmas candy are all great prize options. (Scroll down to see a list of our favorite prize ideas)

Provide snacks

No party is complete without snacks! Bring along some Christmas cookies or other holiday treats to keep your party guests fueled up and ready to play. Or, plan to serve up some hot chocolate and Christmas goodies when you get back home from playing Christmas lights bingo.

Recommended Supplies

Playing Christmas lights bingo is simple and only requires a few basic supplies:

  1. Our free free printable Christmas bingo cards. Plan to print at least one bingo card template per player or multiple sheets if you plan to play multiple rounds.
  2. A pencil, pen or other writing utensil for each player to check of the items as they find them (or Christmas bingo daubers if you want to get really festive!)
  3. Clip boards or something similar to help players keep hold cards while they are walking around
  4. Glow sticks come in handy to help players spot each other if you are playing at night. If children are playing we highly suggest glow sticks so you easily spot and keep track of them!
  5. Christmas music is optional but one of the fun ways you can instantly boost the holiday spirit. Create a holiday playlist and bring a small portable Bluetooth speaker to listen to music while you play.
  6. Small prizes for the winners (an optional extra cost. But, always makes things more fun! We give you some party game prize inspiration further down in this post)

Alternate Bingo Game Pattern Options

free Christmas lights bingo printable

Our Christmas lights bingo printable can be used to play bingo in a plethora of creative ways. 

In addition to winning bingo by completing a line we suggest trying the following alternate bingo game options for even more fun.

  • 2 lines: Win bingo by completing any 2 lines on your card
  • 4 corners: Win bingo by marking off the items in all 4 corners of your card
  • Full house: Win bingo by filling your entire card (see our FAQ for more information about this)
  • Letter “L”: Win bingo by creating a capital letter L anywhere on your card (see example above)
  • Letter “X”: Win bingo by creating a capital letter X anywhere on your card (see example above)
  • Top and bottom: Win bingo by filling in all the items on bothh the top and bottom row of your card
  • Outside edge: Win bingo by marking off all the items along the outside edge of your card

Christmas Lights Bingo Prize Options

Download & Print Instructions

free Christmas lights bingo printable

To download and print our Christmas lights bingo game cards simply click on the image above or use this download link.

This will open the pdf file in a new window with a print page that you can save to your computer or print directly from.

We recommend printing on high quality cardstock or heavy paper for best results. However, regular printer paper will work in a pinch too.

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Final Thoughts

We hope you have as much fun playing with our Christmas lights bingo printable as we do!

Whether you plan to play in larger groups or just with the immediate fam we home it becomes one of your favorite traditions too!

If you do play, be sure to snap a photo and tag us on social media (Facebook is your best bet) so we can see you have a great time with friends and family!

Merry Christmas friends!!!

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Got more questions about our Christmas lights bingo printable? 

Check out some of the most frequently asked questions we get about this Christmas lights scavenger hunt printable holiday game.

Christmas Lights Bingo Printable FAQ

Can I modify your Christmas lights bingo printable?

Our Christmas lights bingo printable is for personal use only. 

This means you may not sell, edit or redistribute our printables in any way without written consent from us.

How much does the Christmas lights Bingo printable cost?

Our Christmas lights bingo printable is a 100% free download. 

All the bingo templates we create at This Tiny Blue House are free printables for our readers.

Can we play a blackout round with this Christmas lights bingo printable?

Yes and no. This Christmas lights bingo printable was created with 24 unique objects that have been shuffled around to create 24 unique bingo cards.

As a result, during a blackout round every player would win even if they have different cards. 

So, although it isn’t impossible to play a blackout or full card round there is some extra planning involved to make sure you have enough prizes for all players if giving prizes is part of your party plan.

How do I print my Christmas lights bingo cards?

Our Christmas lights bingo printables are designed to be printed on standard 8.5×11 inch printer paper. 

We recommend printing on heavy card stock or photo paper for durability.

Do I need to print in color?

Nope! Our Christmas bingo cards look great printed in black and white.

This can save you some money if you are printing multiple sheets. 

Simply select ‘print in grayscale’ or ‘print in black and white’ in your printer settings.

Can I play Christmas lights bingo without prizes?

Of course! Playing for fun is always an option. 

That being said, we find that adding a small prize motivates players to really search for all the items on their card.

It also helps keep kids engaged if they are playing.

What is the minimum age for playing Christmas lights bingo?

There is no minimum age for playing Christmas lights bingo. 

This game can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

If you have very young children playing we recommend using glow stick necklaces to help you keep track of their whereabouts as you walk around your neighborhood after dark.

What if I can’t find all the items on my card?

If you are having trouble finding all the items on your card try driving around your neighborhood or a nearby neighborhood that is decorated for Christmas.

What if it rains or snows on the night of our party?

If bad weather ruins your party plans don’t despair! 

You can always move the party indoors and play a round or two of traditional Christmas bingo using these same printables and these calling cards that we’ve created.

Can teenagers play Christmas lights bingo?

Yes! We think this is a great game for kids of all ages even snarky teenagers. 😉 

Our Christmas lights bingo printable is a great choice for classrooms, youth groups and even the busy mom looking for a fun and festive activity to do with her older kids.

How many unique cards are in your Christmas lights bingo printable?

There are 24 unique cards included in our Christmas lights bingo printable. 

This means that you can play with a group of up to 24 people without anyone having the same card.

Do you have any more free printable Christmas games?

We sure do! Check out this free printable Christmas trivia game and Merry Christmas word puzzle game or this left, right across game perfect for gift exchanges.

We also have an adorable and really festive traditional Christmas bingo game, Christmas scavenger hunt, Tic Tac Toe game and Christmas word searches you might enjoy!

Still got a question? Please leave us a comment down below with a valid email address that we can use to get back to you.

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