7+ Best Free Earth Day Activities For Kids

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These free Earth day activities for kids are a fun way to explore Earth day theme concepts with kids of all ages.

From word search printables to color by number and crafts, these fun activities are a great way to highlight how important it is to take care of the Earth.

free earth day activities for kids
free Earth Day activities for kids

Free Earth Day Activities For Kids

I’ve been busy creating a bunch of free earth day activities for kids over the last couple of weeks.

Earth day on April 22nd is a great time to introduce environmental concepts and awareness to young kids.

The goal is to get young children to understand the idea of a carbon footprint and the impact that it has on climate change. And, these printable Earth day activities are a great way to spark  interest and curiosity about the many ways we can take better care of our planet.

The activities I’m sharing down below are a great choice for teachers and parents alike.

Whether you’re looking for a fun activity to add to your Earth day lesson plan or want to play a screen free Earth Day game at home with the kids, these different activities are loads of fun for younger and older kids.

I’ve had some readers print them all and create their first Earth day busy binder to use at home for some Earth day themed screen free play.

Continue reading to get more information about these earth day worksheets and crafts.

In addition, you’ll get information on how to get your free download. I promise, it’s easy.

Free Earth Day Printables For Kids

Earth Day Word Search

free earth day crafts for kids
free earth day activities for kids

The theme of this word search is planet earth and the environment.

I love using word search puzzles to introduce new vocabulary.

It’s an non threatening and easy way to introduce young children to environmental vocabulary from the earth sciences that they may not already know.  

This is the perfect earth day activity for older children in upper elementary and young people and kids in middle or high school.

Use it in your social studies class or as part of an Earth day themed activity at home.

You can even make these printable worksheets more challenging in your lesson plans by using the vocabulary words as a writing prompt for older kids. 

To get a free copy of this head over to this blog post: Free printable Earth Day word search for kids.

​I Spy Earth Day

free earth day activities for kids
free Earth Day activities for kids

I Spy games are one of those activity ideas that are often underrated.

I Spy games work on really good stuff like visual discrimination, tracking and fine motor skills.

They’re a great choice for younger kids starting from first grade or 2nd grade. But, in my experience even older children enjoy playing them because they offer a nice brain break from more complicated tasks like studying and test prep.

This I Spy Earth Day activity would be a great brain break or morning work activity for  young children.

Kids really enjoy sorting, grouping and counting the bright fun color Earth day themed images like a recycling bin, plastic bottles and reusable bags.

In some cases the images might be similar so they have to use their visual discrimination skills to spot the big difference. 

You can also make a printable packet of Earth day themed worksheets by combining this worksheet with my other free Earth Day activities for kids.

Print as many copies as you’ll need and use them in the days and weeks leading up to Earth Day on April 22nd.

​Get your free copy of my Earth Day I Spy printable activity by heading to this blog post: Free Printable Earth Day I Spy Game For Kids

Earth Day Nature Scavenger Hunt

earth day crafts for kids

Scavenger hunts are always a huge hit in my house. We love doing scavenger hunts for virtually every holiday so I decided to an Earth day themed one to my collection here at This Tiny Blue House

If your kiddos love scavenger hunts too then you may want to check out our spring and Christmas scavenger hunt free printables.

Bookmark them to come back to them when you need them. They are some of my most popular pieces of content year after year. 

Back to the Earth day scavenger hunt. This fun scavenger hunt is perfect for a nature walk in your neighborhood, school grounds or even at your local park.

Children are required to find a variety of different Earth day themed items like recycling containers, compost bins, an electric car, a rain barrel, rechargeable batteries, bicycle, plant, flowers and much more.

They may be able to find some or all. There’s no right or wrong number of items. The goal is to have children explore the world around them and identify items related to environmental protection.

This is one of our favorite free earth day activities for younger students because it’s a high energy and very engaging activity kids love doing while they learn about doing the right thing and taking better care of our Earth.

 To get a copy of this scavenger hunt head over to this blog post: Free printable Earth Day scavenger hunt.

Earth Day Color By Number

free earth day crafts for kids

Color by number worksheets are a simple way to expose young learners to Earth Day topics.

Young students love coloring these Earth day coloring sheets. You can even use it as part of an art project for preschool and kindergarten students.  

If you’re a parent, you can print a few copies and use them as a screen free activity in the days leading up to Earth Day. Coloring is such a beneficial activities for young children.

This prinitable bundle of free Earth day activities for kids comes with 2 different Earth day themed coloring sheets that are free to download and use.

Get a copy of our color by number by heading to this post: Free Earth Day Color By Number

Earth Day Headband Craft

free earth day crafts for kids

This Earth Day crown is the most popular Earth day craft on my blog.

With a free printable earth template kids can create their own Earth day hat or headband to wear proudly in support of taking better care of the environment. 

Simple and fun to make this is one of those printable activities you can easily use in a classroom or for some crafting fun at home.

Preschool and kindergarten students especially love creating their own Earth day head bands on April 22nd.

Score a copy of our printable Earth template by going to this post: Earth day headband craft for kids

Earth Day Crafts

I had a blast collecting my favorite crafts and creative fun ideas for Earth day.

From upcycled crafts using plastic water bottles and egg cartons to natural materials like pine cones and peanut butter I collected over 25 really fun Earth craft ideas kids of all ages love making in honor of mother earth.

Here are 6 of my absolute favorite free earth day activities for kids that require kids use their creativity while crafting.

All of these Earth day projects and crafts use common materials you can pick up at your local Dollar Tree. Most even recycle materials you have at home. So, start keeping your old newspapers, magazines, egg cartons, empty plastic bottles and glass jars.

1. DIY Seed Bombs

earth day crafts for kids
Free earth day activities for kids

I first saw an example of this craft on PBS kids while I was watching with my daughter. These fun seed bombs are a fun way to plant flowers and watch the beautiful process of plant growth. You can use any seeds you like.

To get the full tutorial for this fun craft head over to One Little Project

2. Egg Carton Earth Day Craft

free earth day activities for kids
free earth day activities for kids

Paint old egg cartons with acrylic paint to transform them into the foliage of trees in this cute upcycled egg carton craft. 

Get all the details and make your own Egg carton tree by visiting Glued To My Crafts Blog

3. Coffee Filter Earth Day Craft

coffee filter earth day craft for kids
free earth day activities for kids

This is one of those great ideas that is both crafty and scientific.

Children create a planet and learn about the interaction of water and paper when they bleed colors in their creation.

Use a small spray bottle or use eye droppers to drip tiny bits of water to watch colors bleed.

​Make coffee filter Earth crafts by following the tutorial from Darcy & Brian

4. Pine Cone Bird Feeders

free earth day activities for kids
free Earth day activities for kids

We make a DIY bird feeder like this one nearly every year.

We love providing food for our local feathered friends. This simple craft idea for Earth Day is simple enough to make yet a great way to take a deeper look at the various types of birds and different animals it might attract. 

Learning more about this craft including details about how to make it by visiting  Preschool Inspirations

5. Earth Day Play Doh Craft

free earth day activities for kids
free earth day activities for kids

Kids love play-doh. It’s a fact.

So, I had to include this Earth day themed play-doh mat into my list of best free earth day activities for kids.

Make your own play-doh using our famous homemade play-doh recipe and let kids have fun creating their own version of planet earth.  

This is a wonderful classroom activity for preschool and kindergarten kids. Print out enough student pages and laminate them so you can reuse them against next year.

Get our famous homemade play doh recipe here and score a copy of this free printable Earth day play doh mat by visiting  Raising Veggie Lovers

6. Earth Day Bookmark

free earth day activities for kids

This adorable Earth Day bookmark is one of those free Earth day activities for kids that’s fun and easy to make. 

Older kids really enjoy making this one because they can use it as a bookmark after they are done.

Plan to make this adorable Earth day craft for kids? Head over to Red Ted Art for all the details.

Want to see all the free earth day activities for kids I found? Check out this post: 25+ Best Earth Day Crafts for kids 

Free Printable Mud Pie Recipes

free earth day activities for kids
free Earth Day activities for kids

Sensory play is probably one of my favorite ways to incorporate STEM challenges into my daughters learning.

Years ago I created these free printable mud kitchen recipes for her to start expanding her understanding of measurements and numbers while using her little hands to source natural materials from the environment.

These free printable mud kitchen recipes are interactive worksheets thar requires children use their senses to explore their home planet and the world around them.

It’s so much fun yet very messy so plan accordingly. A great place to start is your backyard or local park. Dress kids in old clothes and let them play with dirt and mud to find their ingredients.

With 4 separate recipes kids can find different ways to create their mud pie recipes.  It’s one of the best ways to take part in a low-prep hands on activity in honor of Earth Day on April 22nd.

Earth Day Acrostic Poem 

free printable earth day activities
free Earth Day activities for kids

Acrostic poem activities are always fun for young kids. For Earth day you can use these free templates from Everyday Chaos & Calm.

Kids need to come up with a sentence for the first letter of Earth day related words.

You can make an Acrostic poem for just about any environmental theme like Earth Day, recycle, oil spill, acid rain, water pollution, endangered animals, water pollution etc

Since the possibilities are really endless it’s a really fun way for kids to research different ideas related to Earth Day and learn new things about how we can protect the planet for future generations.

Visit Everyday Chaos and Calm for the free printable Acrostic poem templates.

​The Best Free Earth Day Activities For Kids

There you have it! A large collection of my favorite free earth day activities for kids.

From crafts and STEM activities to free printables like word puzzles, I Spy games and scavenger hunts there are so many options you can use to teach kids about Earth Day on April 22nd.

We’d love to see these free earth day activities for kids in action. If you use one at home or in your classroom I’d love to see!

Snap a photo and reach out to me via social media or by email to show me (Facebook is probably your best bet!)

Got a question about these free Earth Day activities for kids?

Drop it down below. Don’t forget to leave a valid email address so I can get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

🌱Happy Earth Day🌱

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