Free Back To School Bingo Printable (18 Fun Game Cards)

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Snag a copy of our free back to school bingo printable to celebrate the first day of school and the start of a new school year.  

A fun game for kids of all ages, this free printable bingo set is a great school activity to welcome children back to class.

back to school bingo printable

Back To School Bingo Printable

With back to school season quickly approaching we wanted to create a fun set of back-to-school bingo cards for children to enjoy. 

What we came up with is a free printable game that includes 18 unique bingo boards for a little school fun on those first days of school at the end of summer break

These prefilled bingo cards were created using different images with a fun school theme. 

A great way to ease kids back into the school process, our back to school bingo printable is so much fun at home with the entire family or in a classroom setting when meeting a new teacher at the start of the school year.

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What You Get

back to school bingo printable
  • 18 unique cards – each of the printable cards was created using adorable back to school themed imagery
  • 1 calling card – this calling sheet is used to keep track of which game pieces have been called as you play this back to school themed game
  • Game pieces – 28 printable back-to-school game pieces you’ll need to cut out
  • Bingo markers –  printable marker sheets you can use to play this classic game

Supplies You need

  • a copy of our back to school bingo printable – the free download link for the pdf file can be found at the bottom of this blog post
  • color printer and high quality white card stock paper for printing
  • scissors
  • bingo markers (optional) – paper clips, small erasers, bingo chips, dot markers, small candies
  • laminator, self-laminating pouches and dry erase markers (optional) – a great choice if you want to make thee cute bingo cards reusable

Back To School Bingo Characters

back to school bingo printable

Our back to school bingo printable was created using adorable school themed images.

In total, there are 28 unique images that appear randomly throughout the game. 

The different characters we used include:

  • school bus
  • school glue
  • assignment
  • calculator
  • laptop
  • clipboard
  • ruler
  • books
  • paperclip
  • globe
  • math book
  • alarm clock
  • scissors
  • black board
  • lunch bag
  • school
  • push pins
  • eraser
  • paint
  • lightbulb
  • apple
  • pencil
  • school bell
  • graduation cap 
  • friends

How To Set Up A Back To School Bingo Game

back to school bingo printable

Step 1: Download and print a copy of our back to school bingo printable.

For best results, we recommend printing all our free printable bingo games in color and on high quality card stock letter size paper.

For more detailed download and print instructions see the next section of this blog post.

Step 2: These free printable bingo cards were created in 5×7 size.

So, you can cut down the size of each bingo card or leave it full page.

Cut out the second calling card into 28 small squares by cutting along the dotted lines.

Cut out as many bingo markers as you’ll need. If you are playing with a big group then plan to print a couple of pages of bingo markers.

Step 3: Decide who will be the bingo caller.

The bingo caller will place all 28 bingo pieces in a bag or bowl and give them a good toss to shake them up. 

Step 4: Give each player their own blank bingo card.

If you are playing with larger groups of people and you will not have enough cards, you can create small groups or print a second copy of our back to school bingo printable so each player gets their own card.

Otherwise, you can print a second copy of our school bingo pack. If you do this, you will not be able to play blackout bingo since there will be duplicate cards in play.

Step 5: The bingo caller starts pulling a bingo piece from the bag/bowl.

Players mark the item on their card using a bingo marker. The first person to get a straight line up, down, across or diagonally BINGOS!

Bingo Game Alternatives 

bingo game alternatives

The best part of playing bingo is making the game even more challenging by playing alternate bingo games. 

Here are some alternate bingo games you can use to extend the fun and play this great activity even longer!

  • 4 corners: The first person to cover the four corners of card Bingos!
  • X Pattern: The first person to find a row of 5 symbols in an X pattern through the free space wins.
  • Blackout: Players continue until someone finds every symbol on their bingo card and covers it completely. This is also referred to as a blackout or full card. Since each of our different game boards is completely unique you can play blackout bingo with up to 18 different people.
  • Postage stamp: The first person to get a 2×2 square in any of the corners Bingos!
  • Arrow: The first player to create an arrow shape wins the game.
  • BNO: The first player to cover lines B, N, O vertically Bingos!

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Download Instructions

back to school bingo printable game

To download this back to school bingo printable including 18 bingo cards, 2 calling cards and bingo markers you’ll need to fill in the download forum located at the bottom of this post using your email address.

Once you’ve joined and confirmed you’ll become a member of our mailing list and receive a direct link for easy access to our back to school bingo printables.

If you have downloaded from us before and are already subscribed to our updates, simply complete the forum and our software will automatically redirect you to the download link.

For best results, we recommend printing our back to school bingo printable on high quality cardstock paper instead of regular paper. It makes for a better quality bingo experience and is far more durable than standard copy paper. 

Got a question? Reach out to us on any of our socials and we’ll do our best to get in touch with you. Find us on Facebook or Pinterest.

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This back to school bingo printable was so much fun to make.

We know that it will be a great addition to welcome back school activities for new students as they take a little bit of time to get back into the school routine.

Whether you are planning to play with larger or smaller groups we know that everyone involved will have lots of fun!

We’d love to see our back to school bingo printable in action. So, snap a photo and reach out to use on Facebook or via email to show us! We may even share your photo with our readers! 

This free back to school bingo game is the perfect way to welcome students back to school after summer vacation. A great ice breaker activity for new teachers this back-to-school bingo printable is lots of fun for children in elementary and middle school. Each pdf download comes with 18 unique back-to-school bingo cards making it a great choice for classrooms. Head on over to our website today to snag a copy of this free printable back to school bingo game for your classroom.
Back to School Bingo
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