Best Free Kids Bingo Printable (18 Unique Game Cards)

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This kids bingo printable comes with 18 unique printable bingo cards.

It’s a kids themed bingo game that is a fun way to have some screen free fun with young kids.

kids bingo printable

Kids Bingo Printable

This fun kids bingo printable is a great way to have some screen free fun with kids of a variety of different ages. Playing bingo is one of those fun activities that children of all ages enjoy.

We intentionally created this kids bingo printable with a generic kid friendly theme making it a great choice for all types of parties, BBQs, scout meetings, any classroom setting, virtual bingo, road trips, family game night and much much more.

Totally free to download and use, this kids bingo printable has quickly become one of our most popular free printable games. With 18 unique bingo board cards you can use this great activity with up to 18 kids.

What You’ll Get

kids bingo printable

The pdf version of our kids bingo printable comes with the following free set of bingo cards:

  • ​18 different bingo cards created with a variety of different images that are kid friendly
  • 2 calling cards
  • 1 printable bingo marker sheet 

What You Need

​How To Play

kids bingo printable

Step 1: Download and print our kids bingo printable. For detailed download instructions see the detailed download instructions we created in the next section of this blog post.

Step 2: Cut out each bingo board and the bingo board labeled “Calling Card”. Cut out the second calling card into 27 rectangles along the dotted lines. Cut out as many bingo markers as you’ll need. If you are playing with a big group then plan to print a couple of pages of bingo markers.

Step 3: Decide who will be the bingo caller. The bingo caller will place all 27 bingo pieces in a bag or bowl and give them a good toss to shake them up. 

Step 4: Give each player their own blank bingo card. If you are more than 18 players you can create small groups or print a second copy of our kids bingo printable so each player gets their own card.

Step 5: The bingo caller starts pulling a bingo piece from the bag/bowl. Players mark the item on their card using a bingo marker. The first person to get a straight line up, down, across or diagonally BINGOS!

​​Bingo Game Alternatives

bingo game alternatives

The best part of playing bingo is making the game even more challenging by playing alternate bingo games. 

Here are some alternate games you can use to extend the fun and play even longer!

  • 4 corners: The first person to cover the four corners of card Bingos!
  • X Pattern: The first person to find a row of 5 symbols in an X pattern through the free space wins.
  • Blackout: Players continue until someone finds every symbol on their bingo card and covers it completely. This is also referred to as a blackout or full card. 
  • Postage stamp: The first person to get a 2×2 square in any of the corners Bingos!
  • Arrow: The first player to create an arrow shape wins the game.
  • BNO: The first player to cover lines B, N, O vertically Bingos!

​Download Instructions

kids bingo printable

To download this kids bingo printable  you’ll need to fill in the download forum located at the bottom of this post.

Once you’ve joined and confirmed you’ll become a member of our mailing list and receive a direct link to instantly download the template to make this kids bingo printable.

If you have downloaded from us before and are already subscribed to our updates, simply complete the forum and our software will automatically redirect you to the download link.

For best results, we recommend printing our kids bingo printable on high quality cardstock paper. It makes for a better quality bingo experience and is far more durable than standard copy paper.

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Playing bingo is one of our favorite ways to get in some screen free play in our house! So, we’re always creating and making fun bingo games to share with our readers. We’ve already created loads of bingo games in a variety of subject areas and our collection is constantly growing.

We hope you plan to add this to your to-do list if you enjoy bingo fun with the kids! If you do plan to use this fun game, we’d love to hear and see it! Snap a photo and reach out to us on our socials (Facebook or Pinterest) so we can see our new game in action!

Got a question? Reach out to us by dropping a comment down below. We always do our very best to answer!

P.S check back soon because we’ve got a sight words bingo and alphabet bingo in the works!

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